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Karoun (born Nov 2018) is as bright as she is beautiful. This medium- sized, affectionate rough coated lurcher is curious and into everything. She wants to please and would love to bond with someone who can provide plenty of mental stimulation and being both fit and clever might enjoy agility or Canicross. She would also be keen to try her paw at canine Good Citizen Awards.

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She is kind – natured, good with other dogs and enjoys playing. She could live with respectful children who do not mind sharing their toys and anything else they may leave lying around! Being only young she still has things to learn so needs a home where someone is always around. Anyone who can invest the time will certainly be rewarded with an adoring friend for life.

She cannot live with cats or small furries.

She is neutered and microchipped.

Karoun front body



If  you have the experience to provide what she needs, please contact us.