Hounds we have homed in 2019. 

If you’ve homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk

Luke, now Rigby (Ballaghboy Flash) is looking forward to lots of fun and games with his human brothers, and we wish him and his new family a wonderful future together.
Kimble (now Shay) is relaxing into his new life with another rescued lurcher called Bella. He will be well loved which something every Irish sighthound deserves.
Florence-Homed Florence, now Cariad (Welsh for sweetheart ) is enjoying life in her new home and turns heads when she goes out walking with her new housemates- two rescued black and white lurchers!
Bruce-Homed Bruce (Seak Po General) now Monty has made it all the way from the Canidrome in Macau to a carpet in Macclesfield. Where there is a will , there is a way. Never pass up a chance to help a hound – this photo shows why.
Ooba has realised that “home is where the heart is” and now that she is settled she is enjoying trying out all the sofas and beds in her new home.
Mist, now Misty (Abbeyville Mist) is loving life in her new home and I think it’s safe to say her new family love her too!
George, now Loki, has gone to fill a very special hound-shaped hole in his new home and looks like he’s up to the challenge!
Sandy has found a lovely new home and is enjoying a spot of light reading among other pursuits.
Rio Homed Here’s a picture of utter contentmentas Rio (left) is now part of a proper doggy family. Welcome home Rio, and welcome to the “failed fosterers club” to your new family!
Hal, now Rory Cathal, has at last found his “spot” between big brother and sister, fellow Erin hounds Stan and Nessa. This boy had to overcome both mental and physical traumas on the road to his forever home, so we are delighted to see him so happy and settled with the best of families.
Sam (foreground) (Abbeyville Sam) has joined Lulu for squirrel-watching and other activities in his new home.
It’s a fairytale ending for Cinders (Cinderella) – from a concrete cell at the Canidrome in Macau, China to a warm and loving home with everything she could ever want. No Prince Charming involved here, but Erin Hounds were very happy to act as Fairy Godmother along with the rest of the international team who worked so hard to bring these dogs to safety.
Hexe, now Lexie (Jaxx the Joker) has made herself at home and is finding out all the joys that life has to offer including long country walks and “helping” with the cooking. We’re delighted for this lovely girl.
Delara was rescued with a badly broken foot and endured surgery and months of recovery before she was well enough to start the search for her forever home. That search was finally rewarded with a five-star home, a new best friend (Erin hound Sully) and an adoring Mum and Dad. Huge thanks to everyone who helped her on her journey to happiness.
Mcqueen on the right (now Wilfred) is happily living with sighthounds; Finn, Holly and Flo who, along with his dedicated fosterers, have helped him grow in confidence so now he worries less and enjoys more, which is a great result for this once lost soul.
Dyson, now Frankie, is loving life in his new home, where he is surrounded by toys, cuddles and love. After a poor start in life this lad has certainly landed on all four paws.
Melon (behind), now Cadbury (Yes You Beauty) has joined Galaxy in her new home and these two are sure to have a sweet future together!
Miss Molly (was Cache) is now living with hounds, Maj and Maeve and has been kitted out with a lovely new collar to start her life. Thank you to her new owners for not overlooking an older lady.
Sephora, now Flora (Mash Mad Candy) looks forward to new horizons, with new best friend Selby and a family to love. Best of times ahead for this sweetest of girls.
Falla is celebrating a very Happy New Year in her new home with big brother Neville, the start of a happy new life!