Mission statement: Erin Hounds aims to rescue, rehabilitate and responsibly rehome Irish sighthounds in need, whilst educating the public about sighthound welfare issues in Ireland.

Erin Hounds is a registered charity, wholly run by volunteers who know and love sighthounds (a generic term for dogs with keen eyesight and a fast turn of speed such as greyhounds, lurchers and salukis). The charity was founded in 2008 to rescue sighthounds in the Republic of Ireland where thousands suffer due to massive overbreeding, irresponsible ownership, failure to enforce animal welfare legislation and a lack of awareness of their suitability as pets.

Since the only hope for many of these Irish dogs  is to find homes outside of Ireland, there is a close liaison between Victoria, our founder and rescuers on the front line near Galway (hence the name Erin meaning Ireland) and our team of dedicated UK volunteers, mainly based in Cheshire.

Hounds needing our help include young greyhounds deemed unsuitable for racing, ex racers and hare coursers surrendered to pounds to be euthanized usually around 4 years of age, bitches discarded after producing repeated litters and stray or abandoned lurchers.