Just some of the hounds we have homed in 2016

If you’ve homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk

Sam (Alabama Slammer), son of Erin’s Della and Erin Sadie’s brother, is telling his new best friend Boss (on the right) how much he’s enjoyed his first Christmas in his forever home.


The work never stops for Erin Hounds and one hound who is very appreciative of that is Salma ( found in Creevy) , now Leyla, who is enjoying the garden of her forever home rather than being stuck behind bars for Christmas.


Salaan (now Sam) has joined Gracie for fun and games in his new home. Be happy Sam!


Deka ( Up La Nora), now Rhona and her new friend, Russ are sleeping as close to the hearth as they can tonight to make sure that Father Christmas learns that a loving home is the best present he could ever bring for a hound.


Jet ( Carn Bound) has cheered up another greyhound that we homed a while back called Johnny’s Corner when Johnny was feeling sad as his lurcher housemate had passed away. We hope Meg ( Jet’s sister) can also bring companionship to another canine instead of spending any longer, waiting for a home.


Tara contemplates her next adventure in her new home, where she has found a patient and devoted owner and a big sister, Molly.



Sari, now Fern, has found a cosy new home and a small furry companion to keep her warm through the winter months.



Haven, now Aoife, has found her perfect spot and a family to love her. It took a while for this quirky girl to find the right home, but it looks like it was worth the wait!



It was a long journey for Camion from neglected and scared stray to much loved family pet but he is now loving life with big sister Zola (also an Erin hound)


As Barney sleeps on,  Erin Hound, Aloha (now Olive) considers if they should budge up and allow their new human on the sofa.


Kari, daughter of Esme who was also homed by Erin Hounds, is now blessed with a home of her own. She is living with a cat, chickens and a small dog and is starting to enjoy country walks with her local lurcher friend, Fly.



Jigsaw, now Nell, can’t quite believe what a perfect home she has found after her sad beginning as a lonely, neglected stray. Her new family think they are pretty lucky too!



Midge (Carlow Scolari) is not sure why his new greyhound brother has such a short nose, but thinks he’s pretty cool anyway and is loving life in his new home.


Mackey (Bucks Mackey), now Hugo, says to Sky, his new housemate ” When the humans have finished preparing our tea, can you get them to come and rearrange my pillow please?”


Esmie (Stans Oyster) is one of the  lucky few who did not have to leave Ireland to find her perfect home.  A shy lady, a former brood bitch,  gentle and kind, has a  joined a ready made Sighthound gang which is just the perfect answer for her.



Curragh, now Murphy, is delighted with his comfy new home but not as delighted as his owners are to have adopted this beautiful boy!



Duster has claimed the best seat in the house in his new home, which he shares with two feline companions (and a human family!). Thanks to his new owners for allowing this shy boy time to unpack his bags.


Pal (Hillroad Claf) is making new friends very quickly in his new home but is  finding it all rather tiring, as you can see.


Every dog has its day and Tweed’s  finally arrived, fittingly, in his birthday month. He is now putting all his energy into some serious catching up on the duvet days that have thus far eluded him.  Well done to all who have stuck with this boy as he waited and thank you to his new owner for making his dreams come true.



Greyhound Ellie ( El Carmel) is adopting the pose we love to see. She is now enjoying the love and care of her new owners plus full sofa rights.



Tom (Abbeyville Senor) waited patiently for a long time for his perfect home to come along, but come along it did and his new family can’t believe how lucky they are to have such a perfect boy.



Chandon, now Poppy, had a long road to travel from frightened, sick and shut-down little girl to much-loved family pet. She now has a warm bed, her own toy monkey to snuggle up to and a loving family to take care of her.



Fleur (Fuerty Take) now Coco, is enjoying sharing her new family with Milo, their existing Erin greyhound,who was such a great ambassador for greyhounds that they adopted a second.



Tarby was picked up stray as a 6 week puppy. Now he is only picked up for cuddles in his loving new home where he lives with cats, children and rabbits for company.



Shadow, now Grace, has a comfy chair, a lovely lurcher friend Jasper and a loving family around her. Sunshine all the way now for this happy girl.



Lovely lurcher, Grafton (now Finley) was saved from the pound and is now worth his weight in gold, according to his dedicated new owner.



Nell has joined fellow Erin Hound Phillo for sofa snoozing and holidays on the beach – a happy life ahead for this sweet girl who found herself in the dog pound.


Hattie ( was Carol) was never registered for racing but this young lass has such a lot to smile about as she is now fully registered to “roach” on her new family’s sofa. She has the life all greyhounds deserve.


Asafa (now Sophie) relaxes listening to her new mistress’s cornet playing – adopting a somewhat less dignified pose than the HMV dog but just as content.



Bombay Sapphire (now Sophie) lives up to her name as a precious and beautiful lady greyhound, much adored by her new family.



Dion, now Lizzy, has found her perfect spot in her lovely new home – and her new owners thnk she is pretty perfect too!


Cola ( Sheeaun Flyer) , now Coco,  is getting used to the red carpet treatment in her loving new home.



Belle (was Luce) is enjoying life as a working mum. Having produced two puppies for whom we also found homes-Eve ( now Evie) and Eden ( now Tallulah), she takes centre stage on the train commute to the office where she wows everyone who sets eyes on her. She certainly knows how to adapt and overcome, given her terrible start in life and is a great ambassador for rescue dogs.



Gentle Bonnie (Bondi Babe) has settled into loving and being loved, very well and is now a great companion with a forever sofa slot.



Senka (now Jill) is putting her best foot forward as she steps into a new life. Thank you to her new family who did not hesitate to adopt this delightful young greyhound when she flashed those beautiful, kind eyes at them.



Briony (Briardene Brady) discovers that although two’s company, three can be…even better! as she joins Galaxy and Lady in her new home.



Figaro gets to grips with a squeaky toy in his new home, as the memories of his former life as a stray on the streets of Ireland slowly fade.


Kuru, now Lily, enjoys a snooze with her handsome new friend Alfie in her new home. Thanks to her new owner for giving this shy girl time to “unpack her bags” and find her feet.


Ramsey is taking time to time to enjoy the view from the rural garden of his new home. Having been saved from a pound, he certainly appreciates his new found freedom.


Mr Bond (Saratoga Bondi), now Bandit, has gone from unwanted greyhound to being a much loved and cherished member of a family


Minu is now a much loved family pet and turns heads wherever she goes, with her gorgeous doe eyes.

Defoe (now Eugene) spotted a heart -shaped hole from his vantage point on the sofa, in his new home and is happy to report that it is now filling up with love.


Olly (Abbeyville Olly) has found that beds in homes are a lot more comfortable than beds in kennels. We feel he is lost on there alone and there is definitely room for two- watch this space!


Corker (Corker Gaga), now Cora, has found herself a lovely home where she will have plenty of fun and games with her new friends.

Finbar ( Finn’s Bran), the bonny baby of Eris ( was French Katie) also homed by Erin this year, now has a home to call his own. He will enjoy walks in North Wales where this “fair- headed one” ( the meaning of Finbar in Irish), is sure to attract admiring glances!


When the life of Pippa (was Britta) flashed before her eyes as  she was thrown from a moving van in Ireland, this gentle dog never imagined the bright future awaiting her. Thanks to dedicated caring people, she is now happily living with two lurchers, a cat and two young children. Being a young dog she’s certainly up for getting the younger of the other two dogs up and running about. It’s great to see the two so happy and sprinting across the field together.


Nama (Steeple Rd Nama), now Samba, has joined another Erin Hound, Lexie and Cocoa the labrador. These three amigos are enjoying fun, games and chilling out together.

Vanya (now Tanya) is reaching for the stars in her new home as she enjoys tickles, fun and games with two young lads who have longed for a dog as much as she has longed for a home. Thank you so much to her foster carer for helping make the transition go so smoothly


Tuam (now Sox) followed a rocky road to rescue but is now enjoying the green, green grass of home with a devoted, caring family and his new chum, Buddy, the rescued terrier.


Keep the noise down please – Mountcashel Jose (now Joe) is savouring the delightful comfort of his new bed as he takes it easy in his loving forever home.


Domino (now Jem) is relaxing in the garden with his new friend, Tizz. Jem has a great future ahead of him as a patient and well- behaved listener to help people with their reading skills and confidence. We look forward to keeping abreast of his progress.

It didn’t take Rubik long to solve the puzzle of how to find the perfect home. Now he is working out where to start on his journey through life and all its wonders. His new family are looking forward to accompanying him on his quest.

French Katie (now Eris) has settled onto the sofa straight away and is happily living with a small dog. After producing pups, like her large son, Finbar, this lady more than deserves her new life of comfort.

Burton (now Bertie) is happily settled in to his new life with his new best buddy, Patch. Bertie’s new family say ‘we feel so lucky to have found such a happy and uncomplicated little dog’. We think Bertie is the lucky one to have found the perfect home

Lola has landed pretty much everything on a greyhound’s wish list- warmth, a sofa and a soft pillow which can also dish up tasty meals, stroke her and take her for walks along a rural canal. She also has a whippet friend called Winnie, a cat and some chickens for company. We think she can sleep easy now.


Mojo was picked up with a broken leg and shattered confidence but has found a super home where she is learning to trust again, with the help of her new friend Toffee.

Cube’s (now Lucy) adoptive family think Lucy is more perfect than they ever thought possible. Lucy thinks her new home is more perfect than she ever thought possible. Another job done!!


Eve (now Evie) had a quick shower, a snuggle and slipped into something cosy, ready to receive the love and care that abounds in her new home. Wish her well, she certainly understands that life is precious and will not waste a minute of it.


Eden (now Tallulah) has reached the end of one journey (from death’s door  through foster care to home hunting) and is starting another ( from adoption onto soft furnishing and straight to the heart, as an adored family pet). Another job well done but so sad, the first journey happened at all and will happen again to other puppies in Ireland.


Blyss (Clonlost Maggie) is typical of many greyhounds in Ireland who not “making the grade’ find their quality of life seriously declining. She ended up with an untreated broken leg, chained up outside a ‘kennel’ too small for her to enter and was ultimately one of a large group of dogs seized in a police raid. Thanks to a team effort, she is now an adored family pet and will even consider holidaying in the Republic of Ireland with her new family- the truly forgiving nature of the greyhound shines through yet again.


Mason certainly knows his craft- despite his tender years, in only a few months, he has moved from stray to lord of the manor, with a little help from his Erin buddies, including his wonderful foster mum in Ireland.


Slippy (Lisgreen Slippy) slipped straight onto his bed and into life as a loved pet. This is one sighthound who will never look back.


Tequila (now Maisie) and on top, Guinness (now Riley) are having a love in, in their new home. Always together in rescue, we were fortunate enough to be able to home these youngsters together, as they love to sleep cuddled up.


Lee (Heathfield Lee) sadly watched his birthday wishes and his Christmas hopes for a forever home go by unfulfilled. Big love was however available in abundance for him on Valentine’s day when he woke up in his adoring forever home, exactly a year after his last race.


Handsome Hennessey (now Mungo) was rescued from the pound. Now instead of bars, hard floors and fear, he has a life of fresh air and exercise with his new doggy and human pals.


Jarvis (now Dexter) is enjoying tickles, toys, treats and treks. What more could a young boy want?

Galaxy now has a chance to shine in his new home, with a lovely greyhound girl, Lady, to show him the ropes and three children to play with. We look forward to seeing him at future events!

Minty (Droopy’s Polo), now Clover, has found her forever home and two small friends to share it with. Thanks to her foster family for introducing her to the joys of home life, and for having the courage to let her go onwards to her new life!


Love bug, Herbie (Riverside Pat) has not gone bananas or to Monte Carlo. He has gone somewhere even better, for a greyhound… to bed in a safe and loving forever home.


Capella, now Lola, is experiencing home comforts for the first time in her life and has become a much-loved part of the family.


Mikey (now Grumble) was once flea- ridden, lost and hungry in rural Ireland where he was threatened with being shot. Now he is shiny and happy in Cheshire where fields are now for fun runs but there is always a warm bed to curl up in.