Just some of the hounds we have homed in 2014 If you’ve homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk

Sweet young Lucy was found stray in Ireland. This beautiful girl is now enjoying home life and lots of love as a gentle companion to a very lucky lady.
Inga homed 300 x 235 Thanks to some quick thinking by an Irish rescuer, Inga, a 2 year old greyhound narrowly escaped a life with incompetent owners who weren’t even aware she was a greyhound, yet were planning to breed her. How things have changed, she now has two devoted carers on hand any time of the day or night to adjust her pillow and nourish her back to full health.
Erin Hounds found the perfect family home for Roo with snuggles, walks and cuddles aplenty, just in time for Christmas.
Lexus, now Lexi (Killala Sand) is now enjoying her first Christmas in a home with her big friend, Cocoa. She was found stray and scavenging in a skip but despite this being reported to the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) Welfare Officer with promises that the last registered owner would be pursued, no further communication was ever received from the IGB.
Big Freddie was all ears when Lenny ( now Benji) suggested they play “Twister” on the bed in his new home. Watch out little Hunnie!
Roman-homed300x235 Roman (now  Dylan) is tickled pink to have become Diva, the Afghan hound’s new best friend. Having sorted out their sofa positions ready for Christmas , they will dream of forthcoming holidays together at the family’s cottage in St Ives.
Roxy (Derrane Oyster) was recently reunited with one of her many offspring, Ty (another Erin hound). This sweet, gentle and beautiful couple are now both safe and adored, thanks to Erin Hounds’ dedication and hard work.
Harmony-(-now-Ethel-)-homed-2 Young lurcher, Harmony (now Ethel) has been conveyed from the depths of an Irish pound to a sofa in a loving home, by Erin Hounds’ chain of dedicated volunteers and now has a sparkling future ahead of her. She is already enjoying warmth, cuddles and running around in her new garden with another family dog.
Della-homed-300x235 Della (Derrane on Air),  mother of Sadie, another Erin hound, is now living with Puzzle in a happy, caring home. There was never any doubt in her fosterer’s mind that Della would beat Puzzle in their final race…… to the couch!
Puzzle-homed-300x235 Puzzle (Lisgreen Joe), Ludo’s brother, is now living happily with Della, another Erin hound, and enjoying lots of love and comfort. Thank you so much to his foster mum, Anne, for helping him along the way.
Little girl, Ramona Blue (now Lola) is no longer feeling blue, but is enjoying sleeping indoors on a comfy bed with her own soft toy provided by her delighted new owners, along with lots of care and attention.
From feeling lost and scared in an Irish pound, Wolfie now finds himself relaxed and loved with a dedicated sofa, a toy box, a lurcher companion and a massive garden to play in.
Rover (Indigo Rover) now Henry, is living happily in the Cheshire countryside with two cats and little friend Elsa.
Maggie has been enjoying so many adventures in her foster home with Bowie and Dita (also Erin hounds) that she has decided there is nowhere better. She will enjoy a happy, safe life now and we are indebted to her dedicated foster home for all their care.
Picasso, our shy lurcher boy who was handed into Galway SPCA has now found a loving home with another lurcher thanks to fantastic support from our friends at K9 Interventions.
Over a year later than his brother Harris, Tweed ( born December 2010) has finally found his perfect home. Thanks to K9 Interventions help and support, he is now settling into an experienced home as the fourth greyhound they have owned.
Hopkins (now Hopi) was found on the lane outside a sanctuary one morning looking like a bag of bones, bald and with a length of blue rope around his neck. Thanks to Erin Hounds’ supporters, he is now enjoying sweet dreams after all his nightmares.
Sadie-homed-monkey300x235 Baby girl Sadie (daughter of Derrane on Air)  has taken to the life of a pet straightaway by successfully locating a loving family, a sofa and a soft toy. If only life could be as good for all young Irish greyhounds.

Ludo (Abbeyville Lord) now Bruno is happily living with a rescued whippet cross called Pip and enjoying long strolls, caravan holidays and lots of cuddles.

Brook (Naplebrook Posse and mother of Naplebrook Tina, also recently homed by Erin Hounds) is happily living now with another Erin hound called Karlin. Brook has now changed her name to Skye so that her forename and surname are different!

Lovely little Mango is now settled in the heart of a loving family, she is learning all about life and enjoying exploring the Cheshire countryside.

Batman is now living with Tina in a lovely home with lots of attention and fun. He enjoys gathering his toys (and shoes!) to use as decorations for his bed.

Tina (Naplebrook Tina) has beaten Batman to the sofa and is enjoying the red carpet treatment now – rumour has it that she is serenaded too.


TJ (Thurlesbeg Joker), after an illustrious career resulting in enough offspring to keep Erin Hounds alone occupied for years (eg Coralstown Aye, adopted earlier this year) is now warming his toes by an aga rather than pounding around a track.


Alfie has found his home at the heart of a loving family and used his gentle nature and charm to gain the trust of a little girl who previously had been scared of dogs


Flair (Hometown Flair) is enjoying trying out the dog beds, sofas and laps in his new home, but it looks like the deckchair may have defeated him.

Kansas (Baconstown Lad) has now joined some other rescued sighthounds as a much loved pet, having been saved from the needle in Ireland, just in time.


Monsoon now Monty This lucky boy has waited a long time for his chance of a new life. From an unwanted stray living on the streets to a much loved pet living in the Cheshire countryside, with lots of seaside holidays to look forward to with his new family.

Little lurcher lady Deli has a new family and is enjoying the home comforts she never had in her former life.
Gorgeous boy Rory (Loughan Lad) has found himself in a lovely new home complete with a ready-made best friend in Daisy the terrier cross.
Coral now Sally, this sweet girl is now enjoying life as an adored family member.
Thanks to Erin Hounds, Holly (Gainstown Holly) now Jess, has moved from death row in a pound to adored princess. Here she is in her new home, seeing if she can detect any peas under her thick, comfy bed.
Champ (Lisgreen Shane) was more than happy to introduce his new family to the joy of greyhound ownership and is sure to spread the love.
Nixon (now Jax) had some difficult shoes to fill in his new home but has done so admirably.
Dolly (Pretty Butterfly) has realised that her perfect home is right under her nose so she has now stopped looking (for homes that is!).
Monty has finally found a sofa to suit him. Having edged Beauty, another Erin hound, to the other end, here he lies in relaxed companionship with Jinxy, the third beautiful sighthound in his new residence.
Handsome Radley, saved from the streets of Ireland, is now a much loved family pet, enjoying play, comfort and love. Thank you to his fosterer for helping him on his way to this great new life.
Another first for an Erin Hound. Cassie was welcomed into her new home with a street party complete with personalised bunting! A big thank you to her adopters who understand that this stray’s former experience of streets was very different and are giving her the understanding and the time to ” unpack her bags” as she settles into life as a pet.
Bali (now Radley) was found stray but now is sharing a loving home with another Erin Hound called Callie, homed in 2012.
Joker (Coralstown Aye) now Eric is demonstrating how his life has been turned upside down by Erin Hounds. Luckily, the Irish pound worker received a “Yes” not a ” No” when asking his owner if Joker could be given the chance to live and be rehomed. He is now a much loved pet who is the apple of his new owners’ eyes.
Panther, picked up stray with a broken leg near a travellers’ site, certainly had a happy ending on D Day when she landed in her fabulous new home. Now called Ivy May Biscuit she has the honour of being the first Erin lurcher with a triple barrelled name and yes… we are sure she may!
After patiently waiting, Clifford (now Dexter) has found his forever sofa, complete with his very own hot water bottle called Milly.
This is Nala (now Margot) whose journey to the adoring arms of her loving family began when she was thrown into a ditch from a trailer in Ireland. Her good Samaritan witness had to jump into the ditch too to be avoid being deliberately hit by the driver. She arrived at Halfway There Hounds, very quiet and withdrawn and after vet trips, long journeys and rehabilitation in a dedicated foster home, the light has finally come back into her eyes and she is starting to really enjoy life.
Dido has found a happy home with one of our lovely supporters. She is now living with Bunty the terrier and will be appearing at fundraising events when she feels like getting up!
Captain (Captains Fancy) has moved to his own home now. One of the lucky ones to get out of an Irish dog pound and ‘home’ for Christmas!
Guinness, having been adopted through Erin Hounds himself, is happy to let Bob share his life and his bed, illustrating that two’s company and that greyhounds can be very space – efficient.
Laddie (Abbeyville Pride, Cee Cee’s brother) is now happily living with Bella, a 7 year old greyhound (Bayside Pearl). Unsurprisingly, due to the scale of greyhound over breeding, they have a common ancestor…. Head Honcho.
Young Nuna (now Doris) has a fantastic life ahead of her, now she is living in a loving home along with a Jack Russell, a lurcher, cats and chickens, so different to how her life could have turned out, the day she was callously dumped a month after having pups.
Saffy has been adopted by a lovely, experienced couple and will be enjoying fun and games with Norman. Thank you to all the fosterers, transporters and vets who got her out of the pickle,  in which her life started.
Norman can’t believe his luck as he now has a home with his very own puppy to play with- watch out Saffy!!
Rio homed-small
Rio - Denham Rio ( now Merlin) has the magical power to make everyone fall in love with him. Now, in his new home, he is practicing his powers of camouflage but without much success as he keeps falling asleep on the job.
Dunloe ears down
Dunloe - Dunloe is now enjoying the company of a new friend, spaniel Issy, and looking forward to holidaying with his adoptive family. He really deserves his new life, having shown so much patience while waiting to transform from stray to cherished pet.
Neva Homed-small
Neva - Lovely Neva (now Tara) has been fortunate to find her forever home with a dog called Paddy, one of the first Erin Hounds’ graduates. He will be excellent at showing Neva the ropes, under the guidance of her new mum, Audrey. May they enjoy a long and happy life together.
Reggae homed1
Reggae spent the first part of his life chained up in a yard, is now learning what life should be like as part of a loving family with two lurcher friends and children to play with.
Maisie - Erin Hounds were pleased to build a bridge for 18 month old greyhound Maisie to pass from lost soul on the street to loved girl on the sofa. Without this, she would have been another one of the ” lost tribe” of young greyhounds who disappear in Ireland annually, when deemed unsuitable for use.
rufus2_300x235 Marcus now Rufus stole his fosterer’s heart as soon as he walked through the door and has joined Lofty and Sporty for his new life, a million miles from the Irish pound he was rescued from.
chilli_300x235 Chilli(Ballinrock Chilli) was happy to step in and fill a hole in a lovely man’s life especially as now she has a big garden and an adoring family to grow up with.
scooby_300x520 Scooby was Geordie pup has found his home as part of a loving family with two feline friends and lots of camping holidays to look forward to!
georgia_300x235 Georgia – Because an Irish Erin volunteer was in the right place at the right time, life took a very different turn for Sweetie now Georgia (Loughbrack Girl).Instead of being used to breed lurcher puppies, this greyhound girl is now adored and learning to play, guided by Jack, another Erin Hound. Little does she know that she will be off the sofa and out on the streets soon since her adopters are our star fundraisers. Give her a love when you meet her!
jake_300x235 Jake (Derrane Dean) is keeping it in the family.This shy big black boy is the son of Westmead Laura for whom we also found a loving home. His new owners became addicted when their son adopted a big black greyhound who worked his magic on them. Jake is now enjoying warmth, comfy beds and the run of a big walled garden to which he plans to invite other members of the Macclesfield BBB ( big black beauties)
chic_300x235 Chic (Ballinrock Chic) This young girl’s paws didn’t touch the ground when she arrived with Erin Hounds. Since a home check had already been carried out, she was able to slot straight into her new home. Thank goodness we were able to help this girl (now Grace) who was handed into an Irish rescue by her owner… on the very day he was emigrating!
ceecee_300x235 CeeCee ( now Lucky) is enjoying love and comfortable beds in her new home with Eva, another Erin hound.
piper_300x235 Piper (Piper Mingo) Piper has now joined a lovely, caring family whose greyhound addiction started when they adopted a beautiful, fawn Erin greyhound called Roxy several years ago.