Just some of the hounds we have homed in 2012

riley_300x235 Riley has gone from wandering the streets of Ireland to companion dog for a very special boy and as you can see they very much enjoy their early morning snuggles!
peaches_300x235 Peaches now Lady bird  this darling girl has had a real change in fortunes and enjoyed her first Christmas as a cherished pet.
lizzy_300x235 Lizzy (Sunboat Lizzy) found a special home on the Isle of Man with a wonderful new friend and hasn’t looked back!
magee_300x235 Magee This lucky lad has gone to join fellow Erin hound Reuben and cat friend by the seaside, and is having lots of fun with his new hound playmate!
kenya_300x235 Kenya now Izzie This lucky girl has a lovely new home with a Doberman friend for company!
buster_300x235 Buster (Unreg. tattooed  Greyhound) was challenged with a very large pair of shoes to fill. With the sad loss of Matty, Buster got the chance of a lifetime and is now settling into the Pryce home, to be always cherished.
pinza_300x235 Pinza (Penny Pinza) despite the fact he’d been a loyal servant to someone, completing over 80 races over his “career”, this lovely boy found himself in a very difficult spot earlier this year – luckily he had a guardian angel or two, and is now a cherished family member without a care in the world.
brax_300x235 Brax
All Brax’s Christmas’s came at once and he has a lovely new home this Christmas!
spartacus_300x235 Spartacus now Paddy has filled a hound shaped gap in his new home and is doing really well.
cairo_300x235 Cairo, this lovely young girl didn’t hang around and charmed her way into a new home super quick!
karlin_300x235 Karlin (Double Cocktail) is enjoying the highlife in her new home
koo_300x235 Koo now has a home by the seaside in Hove – have a paddle for us Koo.
misty_300x235 Misty (Wisdoms kiss) has found a lovely home all the way down in Wiltshire!Lucky girl!
aaron_300x235 Aaron now Maguire (Unreg. tattooed Greyhound) followed his Brothers, Sister and Mum over from Ireland and is now happily homed in Hertfordshire with lots of human and feline company.
dee_300x235 Dee (Automic Dancer) is the perfect example of what Erin is all about! She was with her amazing fosterer for a good long while but we never gave up hope that one day the perfect family for the lovely Dee would turn up and fall in love with her! Dee has been a fantastic ambassador for Erin and we are all looking forward to seeing her out and about at events in the future.Yes Dee, you did end up on top!
marco_300x235 Marco was rescued as a pup but sadly at 12 months old, his rescuers circumstances changed and Marco needed to find a new home – for such a lovely boy it wasn’t too long a wait !
milton_300x235 Milton, this happy boy now has a lovely family to call his own.Enjoy Milts!
reuben_300x235 Reuben, (Around the Bend) Reuben tried every trick in the book to make sure he joined the Murphy clan, Happy Homecoming Reu.
magic_300x235 Magic now Meg(Newport Magic) has started her new life with another Erin hound Benny to show her the ropes.
lovely_300x235 Lovely, now Skeeter (Gibbs Again) after being abandoned at a boarding kennels in Ireland this lady’s life has turned right around.
dubh_300x235 Dubh (Hollywell Grove) was one of the ‘lucky’ ones in Ireland who was surrendered with care to the GSPCA in Ireland to have a chance of a future, which thanks to her new home, she now has.
moss_300x235 Moss didn’t hang around getting comfy in his new home! Thanks to his new family for this great picture!
prue_300x235 Prue (Do me Proud) after a start of neglect and abandonment, Prue has a happy new life ahead of her
ligthening_300x235 Lightening (Moher Lightening) now Billy  has joined Erin Hound Lily in her home, a dynamic blue duo!
angelo_300x235 Angelo, now Scrumpy has found his spot with a busy young family to keep him entertained. Have fun Mister!
keelin_300x235 Keelin (Martin’s Chance) has also joined the ranks of happily homed and a greyhound girly to share his life with.
davey_300x235 Davey now gets to enjoy a family of his own and a Whippy girl too – how much better can it get for a lad from a bad start in life.
callie_300x235 Callie is settling really well with her new doggie companion and four cats, and has filled a hound shaped gap in all their lives.
ted_300x235 Ted (Loyal Ted) With fantastic support from K9 Interaction the Wonderful Ted has found his home with another greyhound companion and family. Be happy Teddles, loved by everyone who has been lucky to meet you.
moley_300x235 Moley (Bogside Sally) has found the most wonderful home near the sea. And is healing some of the hurt left by Tia’s passing.
libby_300x235 Libby is back in the heart of a family again.
starsky_300x235 Starsky now Ziggy has a wonderful home at a wildlife hospital and is thoroughly enjoying the attention!
bonnie_300x235 Bonnie (Hollywell First) is settling well in her new surroundings and has truly landed on all four paws !
della_300x235 Della now Diva (Unreg. tattooed Greyhound) this lovely young girl has filled a greyhound shaped gap in her new family’s life perfectly.
elliot_300x235 Elliot now Freddy has a new friend in Jez (another Erin hound) and a lovely new family.
fletcher_300x235 Fletcher  Eventually Fletcher got to his new home who waited so patiently for him, and he hasn’t disappointed!
lofty_300x235 Ardi now Lofty (Ardnari) is enjoying life with his new pal Sporty, and will be out and about helping Erin out at an event near you soon!
rowan_300x235 Rowan has, as you can see, settled with his new family already!
ash_300x235 Ash (Carraholly Blue) had gone to join another Greyhound buddy, Badger, to keep him company.
carrie_300x235 Carrie (Carraholly Daisy)  is settling into her new life with terrier companions
reuben2_300x235 Reuben has found his very own family now,  enjoy life Reuben!
harry_300x235 Harry (Capoola Blaze) This gentle giant has found his family and life just got a whole lot better, be happy H, adored by all.
woody_300x235 Woody found his home really quickly and already has his paws under the table! Well done pup!
seamie_300x235 Seamie (Ambi’s Seamie) will never know neglect and hunger again, but has a carer in his past that he’s left a huge impression on!
orri_300x235 Orri now Olly (unreg. tattooed Greyhound) has found himself a new best friend in the form of Ruby (right) and shares his home with a cat and a rabbit!
ollie_300x235 Ollie  (Curraghmore Ollie) Yes another one! Fell well and truly on his paws with a great lurcher friendly family!
millie_300x235 Millie (Kemical Kim) has the warmth and comfort she has always deserved.
may_300x235 May (Ardnari May) is now a long way from where she was rescued, and as you can see has lots of grass to play in – her idea of heaven!
cuba_300x235 Cuba is settling well and is a much loved and well educated puppy.
molly_300x235 Molly has started out on her new life, be happy Mrs Molls. Pictured here in her bed with her new friends!
baxter_300x235 Baxter is living it up and keeping the regulars entertained in his very own pub
beth_300x235 Beth has joined Branna who will now have to share her slaves
brax2_300x235 Brax has joined the Rees canine household and rapidly learning his manners
percy_300x235 Percy  Well Percy didn’t go very far at all – in fact he isn’t leaving his foster home, so much for Sue having another lovely Greyhound lady !
maggie_300x235 Maggie (Pats Jester) happy girl Maggie has a new best friend and a lovely new home to keep her busy.
wilby_300x235 Wilby (Kilruddery Oak) is starting a new life as a family pet
dylan_300x235 Dylan got there in the end,  the right home for him came along and he is enjoying life in the Scottish Borders
will-and-ardal_300x235 Will (unreg. tattooed greyhound) and Ardal are settling into their new lives. Such a big step for Ardal and he has coped brilliantly, all credit to his new people and hopefully he will help his NBF to settle into a domestic life too.
rio_300x235 Ria has found a new greyhound friend, and a family to have fun and games with!
violet_300x235 Violet  Little poppet Violet has joined Joey and Flynn in her new life.
rollo_300x235 Rollo (Rosnari Chief) has found his forever sofa and is sharing it with 2 cats, 3 rats and his lovely humans.
brody_300x235 Brody (unregistered tattooed Greyhound) Only 9 months old and turfed out to fend for himself – well not for any longer. He has joined Marley and the Coast family !
polo_300x235 Polo now Ernie (Ballybane Leigh) is now home,  experiencing love and care just as he deserves!
duffy_300x235 Duffy (Lisduff tears)  has seen a dramatic turn around in her life since finding herself handed into Meath pound at the age 9,  emaciated, full of worms and lifeless.  Thanks to many caring hands she has a new life in  Cheshire,  loved and cherished