Just some of the hounds we have homed in 2011

holly_300x200 Holly, this dainty girl went from unwanted and out in the cold, to the centre of a new loving family and very cosy indeed!
casey_300x235 Casey now Myrtle(Casey’s Catch) is enjoying her new life!
branna_300x235 Branna (unreg. tattooed Greyhound) this pretty girl is settling well into her new home!
harper_300x235 Harper (Harps Leon) this lovely lad has found his niche now – lucky pup!
jasper_300x235 Jasper, this fun loving boy has found his forever home. Be happy little lad.
daisy_300x235 Daisy, (Will Perform)  has a new family  life away from the track,  and is much loved.
katie_300x235 Katie (Darjeeling)  A paragon of the Greyhound world,  now a member of a human family and not producing puppies.
bobbie_300x235 Bobbie, after watching both his brothers travel great distances to find their homes, has a home of his own in Cheshire – well done pup!
bowie_300x202 Crazy now Bowie,  (She’s Crazy)  is enjoying city living in Manchester.   An excellent home but with some pretty big ‘asks’ of a dog,   thanks to the home’s patience and great team work within Erin,  we got there.  Whilst Crazy was always cared for, she  is now enjoying comfort and love as a pet as Bowie.  And best of all,  no more puppies!
tesla_300x235 Tesla (Da Enforcer) might have arrived as a shy girl but is now showing everyone what fun she can be, and enjoying life with 3 cats and another greyhound friend.
clara_300x235 Clara, (Tattooed greyhound) despite horrific treatment at the hands of humans this sweet girl is showing a family and their cats how gentle and trusting hounds are!
logan_300x235 Logan, from unwanted stray in Ireland to much loved companion near Leeds. Logi has already made a massive difference to his new family’s life!
bridin_300x235 Bridin (Five Spots), this sweet, gentle girl is now being thoroughly spoilt by her new family in Sheffield.
charlie_300x235 Charlie, now Archie had a rough start to his life but following amazing care from our wonderful vet, he stole the hearts of a special foster family who couldn’t let him go, and is now a happy cheeky boy!
zara_300x235 Zara, sweet gentle girl who has some confidence to build after straying in Galway City with a nasty leg injury, but is now Queen of her own Island and has peace and love to flourish in.
orchid_300x235 Orchid now Willow has gone to join Honey Saluki and will soon be starting her Good Citizen Award training.
belle_300x235 Belle, has moved to rural Warwickshire and has 2 new doggy family members and lots of new friends! As you can see she’s settled quickly!!
trevor_300x235 Trevor now another Finlay, is now finding his feet and enjoying the rural idyll that is the Yorkshire Dales.
finlay_300x235 Finlay (Tattooed greyhound), this young lad never had to work for his humans and has found himself “retired” at a very tender age.
freddie_300x235 Freddie, has headed down to the South of England to start grown up life and already has a new friend!
leo_300x409 Leo, Little Leo has lots of confidence to gather yet, but it learning to enjoy life with the help of his new family
rufus_300x235 Rufus, now Indie (Piper Hannah) is one of the very few lucky ones who didn’t need to leave his home country to find a caring, doting home.
jenny_300x235 Jenny (Tireragh Jennell) now has a whole new life in front of her with a wonderful family!
autumn_300x235 Autumn, now Bella (Galrea Autumn) our happy go lucky, ray of sunshine now has a chance to blossom.
bentley_300x235 Bentley now Dexter (Black Gateau) was homed in conjunction with Kerry Greyhound Connection, another striking black beauty now enjoying life!
betty_300x235 Betty  (Shes Got Power),  our lovely lady who is mum to two previous Erin Hounds, Tina & Lola, has a home of her own now!
chloe_300x235 Chloe, is enjoying life now as a beach babe in Lancashire.
cara_300x235 Cara, now Hesta is settling into busy family life rather well! She had a long journey to find her place, but it doesn’t seemed to have fazed her!
sapphire_300x235 Sapphire (Billis Baby) is settling into domestic bliss.  Be happy lovely girl.
pretty_300x235 Pretty, now Iska, has fallen on her paws and is now living with 3 cats and the indomitable Piggie a JRT in Cheshire!
rudi_300x235 Rudi (Pegs Star) finally has the family he has always deserved – good luck big man!
sydney_300x235 Sydney has found his forever home and looking forward to a bright and fun filled future!
meg_300x235 Meg (Westmead Meg)   mother of Benny, Olly, Diva, Maguire and Billy has finished with all this puppy lark now and is enjoying family life of the human variety now.  Sweetest, kindest of ladies,  enjoy your new life Meg.
rosie_300x235 Rosie (Derrane Rose)  happy, sparkly Rosie,  who has had a charmed life,  has kept luck on her side,  no puppies for her now and a sofa and long walks in the country instead.
mulligan_300x235 Mulligan, now enjoying life with a greyhound and a cat as companions by the seaside.
lily_300x235 Lily (Briardene Rascal), this lovely girl is now comfy and snug in her home, with her very own name and no longer known as “It”.
jill_300x235 Jill is trying out the Derbyshire Dales,  so far she quite likes it there !
benny_300x235 Benny (Derrane Bolt) is settling nicely with his new friends, two cats and a terrier called Rosie.
bramble_300x235 Bramble now Kenya (Cavan Rambler)   is settling into domesticity and loving it!
gus_300x235 Gus, now Mr Sniff. This happy little chap is now enjoying busy family life in Cheshire.
acorn_300x235 Acorn has gone off to a new life in the home of horse racing; look out for her on the gallops at Newmarket! Many thanks too to Lurcher SOS for their assistance in finding Acorn’s new life.
olive300x235 Olive. now Kerry, cheeky monkey who never let anything get her down, now has a resident slave to pamper to her!  And a big thank you to Patrick Murphy, Southfields Vets, Sale Moor for his care.
jay_300x235 Jay. Is now living with his NBF Whippet and sends many thanks to his foster mum too.
rosie2_300x235 Rosie. Cutie Rosie (Badgerfort Nama) is now starting her new life. Be happy Rosie the Wriggler!
conry_300x235 Conry. (Graiguewood Gary) is now going by the name Guinness! Another black beauty finding his sofa and proving Greys can live with Asthma sufferers.
lucy_300x235 Lucy. Has gone to a busy life and hopefully will have a lot of fun at agility training too.
senna_300x235 Senna. (Pegs Beauty) Another fabulous Black Beauty has found the chance she deserves.
baily_300x235 Bailey. Has found his niche now and moved into his home without looking back.
reg_300x235 Reg. (Erin Reg) is settling into home life in Cheshire – with his feline companions.
murphy_300x235 Murphy. Travelled to Scotland to join others of his kind!
eclipse_300x235 Eclipse. Is now enjoying home comforts.
ryan_300x235 Ryan, now Harry, is settling well with his new family in Wales.
patsy_300x235 Patsy. (Pats Flight) This lovely, kind easy going lady has her retirement from puppies in front of her now, in comfort. She touched every one who met her before she went off to her home. Be happy!
gunner_300x235 Gunner. (Gunner McCormack) is road testing his new home with cats, Phoebe and Emma.
rosie3_300x235 Rosie. This little girl found herself looking for a new home and Erin were able to help and she is now happily settled in a new life (Ardal looks on still waiting!).
pearl_300x235 Pearl. standing in the pic (Walkabout Fergie), Gunner’s mum, now has the home she should always have had and deserved.
red_300x235 Red. Working with GSPCA, Red found the most wonderful new life in Ireland and joined Murphy the deerhound.
penny_300x235 Penny. Turned out to be the project her fosterer wants to see through in person. So Penny got lucky and her owner joined the failed fosterers club!
marley_300x235 Marty now Marley. Almost certainly brother to Hero. Now has a wonderful future in front of him along with the 3 cats he gets to share his life with!
lacey_300x235 Lacey. (Threelounders) Is starting her new life now. Be happy, lovely girl. This break was long overdue.
shane_300x235 Shane. Has given a new lease of life to his lovely Dalmation companion now and brought great joy to his new Mum.
maisy_300x235 Maisy. (Blackmagic Maisey) Sweet Maisy has a permanent sofa and no more puppies now – as it should be.
eltin_300x235 Eltin. Eltin has joined existing Erin Hound Jazz – as there was some spare space on the sofa!
amber_300x235 Amber. Cutie Amber has a new sofa now and will enjoy being the focus of her new Mum’s life.