Hounds we have homed in 2018 If you’ve homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk

Lilly (Jaxx Partytime) was our final dog homed in 2018. She had so much to celebrate as the clock struck twelve that now this lucky sighthound can’t keep her eyes open……..which doesn’t matter a jot anymore- enjoy your sofa, Lilly!
Not a creature was stirring, not even a Mouse (Aulton Gold) and why would she when she has lots of cuddles on the sofa in her loving new home?
Salsa ( Saskia) homed Dexter (right) now has a new partner in crime, just in time for Christmas as Salsa (now Saskia) has danced her way into his new forever home and will be strictly playful.
Sepi homed Sepi (now Ivy) has a cosy fire, 10 acres to play in, a fellow rescue dog for company and an adoring family to cuddle up to. She sends out her love and hope to the world’s destitute dogs at this time and hopes people step forward to help them too.
Reason (now Dexter) has found his very own Father Christmas ( who is, of course, not just for Christmas) and is enjoying playing… especially with his beard! We know something you don’t know, Dexter…. watch this space.
Yakini, now Cheryl (Clune Rumble) is starting a whole new life with her own loving family and lots of country walks to look forward to.
Asna was found with a degloved hind leg with which she had been lying outside in the cold for hours. She underwent an amputation and rehabilitation and now has teamed up with another rescue, Ricky in her new home. What a spirited, brave girl.
Alfie (was Darby) on the left is now happily living in a home with other Erin hounds, including Eric (right). How lovely to see Irish lurchers playing with rope rather than straying with rope digging into their neck which is often the case.
Luther is dreaming about his Christmas list but can’t think of anything he really wants now that he has found his loving forever home.
Mardi, now Ruby (Cavies Ruby) looks like butter wouldn’t melt but is loving life and letting her cheeky personality shine now that she is a cherished family pet
Vardy (Ballyhi Swift), now Basil, looks pretty satisfied with his multi-layered bedding and his very own library, while his human servants provide for his every need. Very much deserved for this fabulous boy.
Rosie (Clareview Charna) can hardly believe her luck to have gone from stray, to pound dog, to finding herself loved and cherished in her very own family. She had a very special hound-shaped hole to fill but is doing a fine job and her new family are feeling pretty lucky too!
Banks (now Bill) is loving life with lots of outdoor adventures and indoor luxury. He says a big thank you to his rescuers, transporters, fosterers and adopters.
Olga (Miss Olympic), now Tegan, has taken up new hobbies including bird watching and rambling which are all fairly tiring as you can see.
Kent is now in the perfect forever home- one that is allowing him to unpack his bags at his own pace without any pressure, after a life of trauma. He is a very lucky hound and will soon learn that life can be wonderful too. .
Brennan (right) and Memo (centre) were covered in mange and mentally shut down when they arrived at Galway SPCA. Now look at them with new best friend, greyhound Izzy (left). They have also bonded well with their other housemate, rescued alsatian, Roxy (it appears another sofa is required!) and Brennan is planning to try his paw at agility soon. .
Wispa (now Darcy) is settling into her forever home with her new sleeping partner, Diva. Another Darcy and Diva partnership for Erin Hounds! .
Sparrow Homed Sparrow had a very long and hard road to recovery after being picked up with a badly broken leg. Months of veterinary care and rehabilitation at Galway SPCA  healed her physical wounds and their love and care brought the light back into her eyes. It’s wonderful to see her now spreading her wings in her new home, surrounded by a loving family. Be happy Sparrow! .
Milo, the whippet, bounced straight into his new home and is enjoying playtime and cuddles aplenty. .
Ricky homed1 (2) Ricky looks like the cat that got the cream in his new home. We wish him a safe, happy and long life. .
Baboo will never look back again. He is now happily living with another Erin hound,  Chuck (was Tex), and is having a high old time, playing in a big garden and hogging the sofa.
Millie (Nemos Millie) deserved a good long sleep after all her life’s efforts and so specified a forever home with a nice long sofa – we think we did her proud.
Gretel, now Betty (Lisgreen Daisey) now has horizons open to her that only a sighthound can fully appreciate. Lots of great walks and adventures await this lovely lass who joins Erin hounds, Bowie and Maggie, in her new home.
Minto (Badminton Jaxx) is now loving life in her new home. What a beautiful lady.
Thornby is now a cherished pet and enjoying everything that his new life has to offer. Thanks to his fosterers for helping him on his way.
Lingard homed Freddie (Saratonga Lingard), son of Bondi Babe, another greyhound adopted through Erin Hounds, now has everything he needs; a loving family, a colour co-ordinated bed, a toy box and mastery of the single slipper trick!
Calais, now Biscuit, found herself in need of a new home due to a change in family circumstances. Luckily Erin Hounds was able to make sure that she was soon snuggled up in her new home.
Bingham found something at the end of the rainbow that most Irish sighthounds can only dream of- a safe and loving home for ever and ever.
Fig, mother of Mushroom, also homed by Erin Hounds looks like she has gone from ” down and out” to “top dog” in her new home. What a credit to the resilience of these abused hounds (and to the commitment of her rescuers, fosterers and adopters).
Carson Homed Carson, now Fionn (Hillcroft Hero) found himself in a perilous position in Ireland but luckily Erin Hounds was able to step in to secure his future and find him a loving home.
Jerome,now Olli, was a special homing for Erin Hounds as he was our 600th dog homed. Olli didn’t care about suck minutae, and got on with the business of playing with new sister, fellow Erin Hound Suzi.
Sony (now Brodie) is grabbing a quick rest as his life is now filled with fun as he lives with 5 other lurchers. He is learning a lot and his new family adore him.
Swiss turbo Homed Jack (Swiss Turbo) is enjoying the good life, living with a female greyhound and helping himself to squeaky toys (plus a block of unattended cheese!). 
Everything in the garden is lovely for Candy (Some Plan) now that she has found a forever home- so much better than the concrete walls of a kennel to look at, I am sure you will agree.
Jaxx Brexit, now Dotty, stepped in to help her new family get over the tragic loss of their greyhound boy Rooney. Very much in need of some TLC herself, she is looking forward to all the love and care that they have to offer.
Cabra, now Haggis (behind) has joined fellow Erin hound Whiskey for fun and games in his new home. Thanks to his new owners for bringing another rescued hound into their home.
Daisy (right) is now toe to toe in her new home with her greyhound  housemate, Finn. What a lovely pair they make.
Mr Chips, now Sonny, knows where to find the comfiest spot in the house! This lucky pup now has his own young family to grow up with and life is going to be a ball!
Ginny homed
Ginny, now Nessa (Abbeyville Spin) set her radar- like ears to finding another Erin hound with whom to live and located Stan, who was also recently homed by Erin Hounds. They are now like two peas in a pod..
Amigo (Abbeyville Amigo), now Zach, is busy showing his new owners how a greyhound is always man’s best friend.
buttons homed
Buttons ( Balrobuck Bondi) now Buddy, is certainly living up to his new name in his important role as a girl’s best friend.
Bangles (Jaxxmanic Monday), now Mabel, is now appreciating all the good things that life has to offer, in her much deserved happy forever home.
Mallie, now Clyde (Clydal Ray) is loving life in his new home with cuddles a plenty and lots of roaching time.
Sutton (left) is now sharing the sofa with his new best friend and partner in crime, Pudding. Well done Sutton!
Ronan (Coolronan Secret) is now enjoying home comforts and trips out with his new family, a happy ending for this lovely boy.
Tex (Highview Thady), now Chuck, waited a while but has now bagged the perfect home with a big garden and two other greyhound chums to play with. Thank you to his fosterers who helped him learn about life outside kennels and gain confidence.
Anya (Farrany Fastjet) has taken to home life like a duck to water and is enjoying exploring the outside world and all there is to see.
Shea, now Gwen, has joined fellow Erin hound Freya (was Jewel) in her new home where she has wasted no time in getting comfortable.
Johnny (Cash the Net) now Stan, was tasked with bringing the light back into his new friend Bert’s eyes after he lost his companion of many years. He did a fine job and the two are now best pals. Well done Stan.
Cricket (Slaneyside Hazel) is like the princess and the pea in her new home -enjoying burying her toys, shoes and other acquisitions under the array of pillows that make up her very comfortable bed.
Banjo is delighted to have a place in front of the hearth rather than behind bars and is thrilled to join former Erin hound, Dixon, in his lovely countryside home.
Tuba (now Luna) here cuddled up with her new friend and pillow, Penny, was one of an orchestra of dogs removed from the pits who are now centre stage and loving it..
Nanny (Freedom Portrait) is certainly as pretty as a picture. Thank you to her adopter for not overlooking her as this stunning girl is 9yrs old. Nanny knows better than anyone that age should not be a barrier to happiness.
Cello reached her finale without even an introduction – she is now happy in her new home, playing second fiddle to no one.
Oboe, now Lottie, was rescued from poor living conditions but her fortunes have certainly changed for the better as she finds herself in a lovely new home where she will be loved and cared for.
Max is one lucky lurcher. He now has a big garden to run in, lots of furry friends and devoted humans who will guide him along the path to good canine citizenship.
Mushroom is working his magic in his new home and loves his little friend, Ziggy. Puppy classes are next on his “to do” list along with growing, playing and enjoying lots of cuddles.
Coogee (Musical Diva) , now Katy, is adored in her new home where she has two slaves whose hearts she has stolen so no more work stress for this beautiful lass.
Foley, now Loki, looks to have settled in nicely in his new home and is showing his new owners how wonderful lurchers are!
Elsa (Nemos Elsa), now Elsie, has found a lovely new home and looks mighty proud to be stepping out with handsome new brother Graham.
Zera (now Del), on the right under Bron, had some big paw prints to fill but stepped up to the mark. We now have another happy owner with another happy hound which is what it is all about.
Hazel is enjoying her new life with several other rescued greyhounds . . . its true that they are addictive!
Firefly (Jaxxon Fire), now Elsa, has discovered that there’s no place better than home!
The road home has been a long one for Deacon but it was worth the wait as he now finds himself with a loving family and all home comforts. Thanks to all the people who have helped him on his way – from Galway SPCA and vet treatment in Ireland to foster homes and physio in the UK – he is now looking forward to a life full of fun and activity.
Finn was a scared and rather lost boy but has now found love and security in his new home.
Lurcher Archie knows a good home when he sees one and is now settled in for life.
“Right” said Fred (Clydal Fred)… “its into a loving home for me as there is still work to be done to show that big  greyhound boys make perfect pets, so here I am with my nose to the grindstone”
Big greyhound lad, Albus Dumbledore used his portkey well to apparate into the perfect home, with a little help from his muggle friends at Erin Hounds.
Bronya (was Chava) (centre) has a home in the hills with two kind hairy brothers and a Mum and Dad who will love and cherish her.
Rose (Granny’s Rosie) is where every greyhound would like to be. Thank you to all who helped her to get here. Enjoy your caravan holidays, Rose.
Swallow (now Willow) is a beautiful youngster who we are delighted is to be the apple of her new family’s eye. We wish her a long and fulfilling life as a pet which all greyhounds deserve but  few get.
Womble (now Finn)  has bagged a wonderful home with two other rescue dogs and enjoys canal walks and dozes in the warmth. Lucky lad.
Bronx (now Alfie) is a sighthound who is now able to relish the views on walks near his rural home rather than feeling alone, cold and hungry as the many stray Irish lurchers still out there, do.
Leroy (Clydal Lee) is putting the sofas to the test in his new home and looking forward to meeting up with other local greyhounds, including his sister Orla who lives just a stone’s throw away.
Dolly ( was Wren/ Il Silencio) is delighting her new home with how quickly she has settled in, even the resident cat. Thank you to them for patiently allowing us time to find them the right match.
Alba has found the perfect home with two doggy playmates and lots of room to let off steam. She will now be happy and loved. Thank you to her rescuers and her fosterer who together helped her fly.
Monkee, now Sukey, has found a lovely home in which to celebrate the new year and her wonderful new life with deerhound friend Magnus and 3 cats!