Just some of the hounds we have homed in 2013

mercury Mercury now Poppy with her new sisters, in her all new life – a long way from being tied to a skip in Ballinasloe, Co Galway
connie Connie (Two Sox) has a new start now, with a new home in Cheshire
brooke Brooke (Foxhill Banger) is now living with another female greyhound called Trixie.
bolero Bolero now Henry has moved in with fun- filled Alie (aka Cairo) , another Erin Hound. These two youngsters are making up for lost time, with lots of play and long walks together in their loving home.
flash Flash (Beactive Flash), this lovely boy has gone to join fellow Erin Hound Wilby.
Paloma Paloma now called Molly has joined another ex Galway SPCA lucky soul, Brax making a happy pair and a happy family.
cat Cat (Lissivigeen Cat) found the good life!!
DCIM100MEDIA Atlas now Suki, Another Ballinasloe fair waif, she has joined Dee and Milly greyhounds in a lovely home in the Cheshire countryside.
dingo Dingo yet another Ballinasloe fair outcast, became the apple of his foster mum’s eye and now has his very own family.
stilts Stilts, found a few days after Ballinasloe fair in a hedgerow, cold, starved and only 5 -6 weeks old, he fought for 10 days in the vets to hang onto life, what a transformation in his life now, having joined his wonderful new family.
Brodie Brodie (Farloe Elder) Went from Ireland to Sheffield and back again before being rescued and finding a lovely home back here in Cheshire!
Bluey Bluey (Killoe Phanter), as you can see this boy has already made himself at home with another Erin hound Laiose!
Chica Chica now Freya, luckily it was the man of the house’s turn to name their new arrival, since he names their pets after Norse gods while the lady of the house names them after food… .Freya (left) and Porkchop (right) get on like a house on fire together and with their feline companions.
baz4.JPG Baz, (Forelacka Baz) has a home all of his own and a new greyhound best friend too!
keela1 Keela had a bit of a bumpy ride into her home but the lovely family stuck with her and she’s now very happy indeed!
tia11.JPG Tia, this lovely girl couldn’t bear to be parted from her foster family so has joined the family permanently!
beautyhome Beauty (Rineen Beauty) as you can see, already settled and happy with her new friend Jinxie!
nuala home Fionnuala (unreg. tattooed Greyhound), Nuala to her friends has gone from a quirky greyhound baby causing all sorts of worry for her foster mum, to amazing all round family dog sharing her new home with cats, children and another Erin hound. Just goes to show with a little time anything is possible!
Wendy home.JPG Wendy is settling in her new life with new friend, Seb the JRT.
Ebony home.JPG Ebony (unreg. tattooed Greyhound) has joined Boris Greyhound and his human family, Ebony’s new life will help her grow in confidence.
jenson2.JPG Jenson (unreg. tattooed Greyhound) has adapted to home life as if he had always known it!
hopehome.JPG Hope now Tara has joined another Erin Hound Tesla and her family. So many would have overlooked Hope but her family can see her for the joy she will bring.
loganhome Logan, Thanks to Erin Hounds back up, when his owner was not able to keep Logan, he joined one of our lovely fosterers until a new life opened up for him.
harris2.JPG Harris (unreg. tattooed Greyhound) now Brodie has joined another Erin Hound Jess, now Keela to make a most striking pair.
daisyhome Faith, this lovely girl finally got her break, and is enjoying family life now.
pheobe1.JPG Phoebe (unreg. tattooed Greyhound). Thankfully never made it to the track and had a lucky escape from an Irish dog pound, she is now experiencing the life she should always have had.
Dexterpup Dexter puppy went from stray on the streets to happily homed pup in just a few weeks.
fontaine.JPG Fontaine now Willow, this happy girl is now enjoying life as an adored family member.
nola4.JPG Nola now Lola (Lissycasey Nora) has found her perfect home with lots of walks in the Peak District planned!
vic4 Victoria now Cassie, this special girl has been with Erin hounds, and more precisely fosterer supremo Sue, for quite a while, and come a long way from the terrified and traumatised hound that first arrived. Sue was only ever going to let Victoria go to the most special home, but now she has that with a wonderful family who very much deserve a special one like Victoria! Have fun gentle girl!
rubyhome.JPG Ruby this darling girl has a life of producing endless puppies behind her, and a wonderful new family to show her how life should be (and a foster mum who misses her lots)!
saoirse1.JPG Saoirse (Lady Starshine) is enjoying her new life as part of the Macclesfield Greyhound Gang.
jess3.JPG Jess (Monery Dasher) this happy girl is now off on her adventures with her new family!
alfred10.JPG Alfred, this handsome gentleman has settled straight into family life in his perfect home!
niamhkids Niamh (Castleblue Lass), a racing cast off left to stray in Galway City, for the first time in her life loved and cherished.
willow2 Willow didn’t have to wait for long and is already happy and settled in her new home!
felicity2 Felicity is another that was very lucky and went straight from her Irish foster home into her forever home, lucky girl!
prim8.JPG Prim (Westmead Prima) Life is all about Prim now. No more puppies for this girl.
Freddie5 Freddie (Pharis Ronaldo) Living the life of a city slicker now in the metropolis of Liverpool.
gypsy Gypsy, now Minnie has found the perfect home and is looking forward to many trips to the seaside!
lauren2 Lauren (unreg tattooed Greyhound) sharing her new life with her two lurcher brothers – clever girl Lauren.
laura12 Laura (Westmead Laura) Now a much loved family member, and thankfully her days of breeding behind her.
tilly Tilly was lucky to find a home close to her foster Mum so she gets to still see lots of her! Lucky girl!
tank at home 2.JPG Tank (Saratoga Moon), now named Beau (much more dignified!) lands on his feet in a lovely new home, and doesn’t he look comfy!
jenna5 Jenna now Ginny (Saratoga Jez) landed on her paws finding a home with another greyhound in Sheffield, she has lots of outings to the Peak District planned!
anniehome Annie, has found a wonderful home with another Erin hound, Archie and is making herself at home already! So happy for this darling girl.
spider Spider now Loki, this lovely boy didn’t have long to wait for his home and is now a happy family dog!
eva Eva, this lucky girl was soon snapped up and as you can see is settling really well with her new hound friend!
twisty Twist (Moon Twist) has landed on her paws with a busy family out in the countryside.
zola Zola , as you can see has very much made herself at home already! Clever girl Zola!
ty7 Ty  hasn’t gone far from his foster home and is another happy homed Erin Hound!
rodney Rodney has found the perfect family and a terrier friend, but has a foster family in his past that miss him a great deal.
autumn Autumn now Keeva has landed on her paws and has a lovely new home! Clever girl!
izzy Little Issy (Newport Rising) has her own family now, a great result for a lovely girl!
christy Christy now Captain Beaky( Holyhill Paddy) is now home and as you can see has long forgotten his racing days!!!
darci1.JPG Jack now Darci, this lucky boy had the perfect home waiting with fellow Erin hound Diva and feline company. No wonder he’s looking so relaxed!
rosierols Thea (unreg. tattooed greyhound) has fallen on her paws and is having fun with another Erin hound, Rollo and their feline companions!
bansha8.JPG Bansha (Bansha Beauty) our lovely smiley happy girl finally has a home of her own to dote on her as it always should have been.
lucy14 Lucy, this lucky lady has found the perfect home and is having lots of fun.
sophie Sophie (Sophie Flame) This darling little girl really fell on her paws finding a home with a fab young family, a cat and a guinea pig on the North Wales coast – Have fun Sophs!
leasha Laiose aka Leasha didn’t hang around charming her family and is now having a great time seeing the sights!
dita Java now Dita is the first hound homed in 2013 and has joined Erin Hound Bowie for life as a loved and adored hound with long country walks and comfy sofas. Hound Heaven!!