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  Saturday 27th March 2021 – Petlog Guidance

The microchip details of some Erin Hounds’ dogs are on Petlog’s records.

We are aware of  issues Petlog are currently experiencing due to the launch of their upgraded database.

We  can reassure you that your dog’s details have not disappeared and you do not need to contact Petlog. If your dog is lost or found the necessary authorised agents (the Police, Dog Wardens, Vets etc) will have access to their microchip information.

Excess calls to Petlog will hamper organisations’ ability to contact Petlog so please avoid contacting them unnecessarily.

Your dog’s safety is of paramount  importance and we appreciate your concerns but the situation will be rectified soon and we will update you.

Thank you

The Erin Hounds Team


News 23/03/2020:

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic all Erin Hounds events have been suspended until further notice. With the exception of our Virtual Meet and Greet (see all details under “Events” further down).

Please do look at the “Support” and “Donate”  pages for potential ways you could help us during this time. We really do appreciate all your help.



We like to get out and about to show people what wonderful pets greyhounds and lurchers make and it is always lovely to meet our homed hounds again, so please do come along and say hello at these events.


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