Just some of the hounds we have homed in 2010 and earlier

misty300x235 Misty is happily rehomed.
sherlock300x235 Sherlock (unregistered, tattooed greyhound) is enjoying life as a family pet. A very special boy indeed!
jake Jake. In collaboration with DAWG Cork Erin Hounds were able to find a loving home for one of their lurchers. Enjoy your new home Jake.
ami_300x400 Ami (Amadeus), now Red, has teamed up with Bree now and settling well.
scarlett_300x235 Scarlett, now Bella is settling in her new home in Cheshire.
mono_300x235 Mono is in his new role as Greyhound Ambassador and getting the love and TLC he deserves.
lola_300x235 Lola (Parkside Hawk) is now home and has mastered stairs and sofa in the first afternoon! Lucky girl never got to see a race track. Be happy Lola!
fletcher_300x235 Fletcher, (unregistered, tattooed greyhound) has joined a lovely couple now and his education continues – as you can see it is tiring!
joey_300x235 Joey (Behave Joe) is now enjoying home comforts, lucky boy.
danny_300x235 Danny (Goodview Rock) has started a new life with his family now. Be happy, gentle boy!
hero_300x235 Hero is now settling well in his forever home.
opal_300x235 Opal (Lishenry Flash) and her new best friend, Bunty settling in together.
holly_300x235 Holly, Sadly when Holly was spayed, it was evident that mammary tumors were present, test proved these to be malignant. Holly has cancer, this could have been avoided had she been spayed in her youth. Holly has had an amazing and much deserved stroke of luck and found a home with the wonderful Hilton family who will see her through her illness and care for her with love and dignity. One of the happiest, kindest dogs we have ever met. Thank you Jackie and family for welcoming this girl into your gang.
bella_300x235 Bella the star has now found a home deserving this wonderful lady. All at Erin wish both Bella and her new family all the fun she deserves.
georgie_300x235 Georgie Baby. A lovely young Saluki X boy. Settling into his home now. Good luck Georgie.
billy_300x235 Billy aka Chasing Gold decided he didn’t want to chase anything anymore, so now living with cats, hens, oh and children. Thereby disproving most myths about Greyhounds!
cassie_300x235 Cassie, (Lady Nama) is a much loved family dog now.
dj_300x235 DJ, (Derreen Des) is settling into life as his owners’ first sighthound – you can see he is taking to the role as only a Greyhound can!
jack_300x235 Jack, (Killinick Honcho) has landed a loving new home in South Cheshire and will no doubt continue his role as a great ambassador for the breed.
valencia_300x235 Valencia/Lexi, has found her way to Bonny Scotland and will be enjoying the countryside.
rowan_300x235 Rowan, is homed and happy and enjoying comfort for the first time in her life.
roxy_300x222 Roxy (Fawn is Foxy) has made her way to a special family home in Wiltshire, and is settling in well.
tina_300x235 Tina, (Bang the Counter) is pleased to announce that she is now a family pet which is a vast improvement on the life she was bred for.
flite_300x235 Flite, (Go Harvey Go) gentle soul is home now in South Cheshire.
bree_300x235 Bree, (Miss Breetley) has become a family girl and is living just around the corner from Olive. Greatly missed by her fosterers though!
jez_300x235 Jez has landed on all four paws and found just the perfect home for him, not far from his fosterers and now living with five cats and his new collie best friend.
sandy_300x235 Sandy, (Coolready Brown) has finally got his sofa! A huge thanks to his foster Mum of the last few months for keeping him out of kennels while he was waiting.
derry_300x185 Derry (Aranhill Roisin) hasn’t left Ireland, in fact she hasn’t left her foster home, Victoria has another entry in the “Failed Fosterers club” so Derry is staying in Galway.
babyoisin_300x235 Baby Oisin, now living with another rough-coated friend and new owners in Cheshire.
fergal_300x235 Fergal, is now enjoying the happy family life he should have, such a happy boy.
grace_300x235 Grace, sister to Fletcher, wowed our wonderful volunteers Audrey and Brian and joined their happy gang, having missed the needle from Dundalk pound.
sorrel_300x328 Sorrel, we didn’t even get chance to show off this beautiful girl before she was whisked off to her new home!
ziggy_300x336 Ziggy (Rogue Junior) has left his foster home for pastures new to a very committed new family where we are sure he will be treasured as he deserves.
oscar300x235 Oscar, one of the lucky ones to find a loving, experienced home in Ireland.
trevi_300x235 Trevi, aka Killieacle Trevor, learning to love life as a house dog in the Cheshire countryside.
 jazz_300x235 Jazz, home, at last, as this kind soul deserves. Be happy Jazzy girl.
 mattie_300x235 Mattie, aka Coolready Road, is now living the life he deserves, with two servants and a diet of Roast Organic Chicken. Not before time!
rory_300x235 Rory has been unbelievably lucky to find the most perfect home for him, with his new lady being devoted to and totally accepting of Rory’s fears from his horrible past. She will continue the work started by his fosterers to build his confidence and security.
willow_300x235 Willow is settling into family life in Cheshire, along way from the streets of a Galway suburb and being in the dog wardens catchpole. Good luck sweetie.
 tia_300x235 Tia (aka Tea Cake) has become a beach babe near Southport, a great new life for one of the kindest souls.
 thechief_300x235 The Chief (Shragh Chief) has found the place he deserves near Chester.
 gillie_300x235 Gillie (aka Carty) now settled and loving the East Yorkshire coast with a couple of big hairy friends.
dante_300x235 Dante now enjoying the life he deserves with feline and human friends in Runcorn, sure beats roaming the suburbs of Dublin.
 shadow_300x235 Shadow aka Copeland Toure, now getting in lots of practice on a golf course in Cheshire.
roisin_300x235 Roisin (Balerno Beauty) Pretty girl Roisin, no more puppies and lots of home comforts for one of the sweetest girls.
 cain_300x235 Cain now far removed from living in the back yard of an Irish seaside town, to being able to run on the beach in North Wales – has also taken up gardening! Good luck, Cain.
 vegas_300x235 Vegas aka Vegas Showgirl, settled in Cheshire and using her maternal capabilities to look after the rabbits and pet squirrel in her new home.
 joe_300x235 Joe, now Bert, aka Rathkip Lark, living the high life with housemate Wilf in the metropolis of Liverpool.
 lemon_300x235 Lemon now enjoying the Norfolk Broads with Dylan.
 whizzy_300x235 Whizzy now happily residing in the Home Counties.
cole_300x235 Cole, aka Glenbrack Billy, now living a family life in Cheshire.
amy_300x288 Amy, our lovely lurcher pup was rehomed in Oct 2008. She was rescued in Ballina, Co Mayo by NWSPCA. She was about 2-3 months old and had a broken leg as well as the usual signs of neglect. The leg was plated and pinned and she spent the next 3 months at the vets, until she went to her foster home with Sue. She adapted to a loving environment and started to flourish, although there was a bit of a scare early on when the extent of her worm burden became apparent – the details of which we shall spare you. Amy in now living with her new four-legged buddies and her new Mum and Dad near Sandbach. Good Luck Amy.