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Some of our greyhounds have been used for hare coursing – a practice abhorred by all at Erin Hounds.

Coursing in Ireland has thankfully been dealt a blow in the form of an open ended suspension of coursing licences by the Irish Department of Agriculture. But wait….. we would have been delighted if this had been a permanent ban on the grounds of ethics and welfare but the current suspension is in response to a serious disease affecting rabbits and hares with the potential to cause extinction of the endemic Irish hare!

Because of this suspension, we are under immense pressure to find kennel space and funds to try and take in hounds who would have been used for coursing this season but are now deemed surplus to requirements, on top of the usual stream of racing greyhounds and abandoned lurchers.

If ever there was a time to consider donation, fostering or adoption, it is now, as innocent greyhounds’ lives are currently being lost due to lack of space and money to rescue them!

Please help them.


We like to get out and about to show people what wonderful pets greyhounds and lurchers make and it is always lovely to meet our homed hounds again, so please do come along and say hello at these events.


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