Hounds we have homed in 2017

If you’ve homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk

Molly homed

Molly (Charming Molly) found her way into her new home before the clock struck 12 and so is the last hound we homed in 2017. Here’s to many more happy hounds in 2018.

Huxley (now Heikki) is joining “old paw” Beate on our fundraising team. She will have a hard job curbing his enthusiasm but we know you will love to meet him as he gives cuddles a plenty and loves to lean.

Coba, now Rocky, has found his perfect spot in a lovely home, just in time for Christmas.

Nemo (Nemos Balto) now Ludo, has made it to his forever sofa just in time for Christmas and in the process, freed up a foster space for another lucky hound. Ludo has ” Loving homes for other needy hounds” on his list for Father Christmas, maybe you can help his wish come true.

Angel (Bloos Brayangel), now Bella, strikes a pose in her new home and looks forward to lots of happy years ahead.

Sarabi (Bainins Chloe), now Betty, had a long journey to travel from neglected scared hound to the much-loved pet that she is now. Thanks to her carers in Ireland for patiently working with her and to her new family for allowing her the time and space to find her paws in her new life.

Chiswick (now Fintan) has his paws crossed that other hounds this Christmas will find themselves in a cosy and loving home, just as he has.

Morwenna (Clydal Danae), now Orla, didn’t waste any time racing onto her favourite spot on the sofa once she had captured the hearts of her new family.

Rainbow Fluffy Sparkle- a lucky pup in her new home- need we say more?!

Pippa (was Posh) is now a permanent fixture in a wonderful home. As she now lives with experienced fosterers for Erin Hounds, we are sure she will use her skills to help other newly rescued dogs learn how to progress from stray to treasured pet.

Nia (Bit View Emma), now Kizzy, has joined fellow Erin hound Zara (was Daisy) for some stereo snoozing. Thanks to her new family for giving her the time to unpack her bags and settle in.

Summer (Savo Summer) has decided that she will spend the time awaiting her favourite season, snoozing by the fire in her new forever home. Little does she know that she will soon be joined by an Erin Hounds’ foster dog so she can pass forward her good fortune!

From lonely stray to much-loved companion, Corden (now Dillon) has found his place in an extended family of hounds and humans and will never want for affection again.

Erin Hounds pride themselves on getting the best fit for both hound and home. We think we have done pretty well here for Wasabi (now Sabi)!

Turbo (Abbeyville Turbo), now Jet has found a lovely home with another Erin hound Willow, adopted back in 2009. We are so happy to have been able to fill the hound-shaped space in their home.

Nell is a sweet greyhound lady who has found a loving home where she can soak up the sun on the sofa. Thank you to her fosterers whose first foster dog she was and here’s to many more.

Delboy (Grayfield Dell) has found his way onto the sofa and into the hearts of his new family (who could resist that face?). Wishing lots of happiness to him and his family.

Storm (Hollyhill Storm), now Beryl, has bagged her half of the sofa and new brother Ernie doesn’t mind a bit. Another happily homed hound.

Maeve (Active Neptune) now has everything she could wish for – home comforts, a snazzy coat and a friend to play with. What a pair these two make!

Tilly (Greyfort Leilani) hasn’t wasted any time finding the comfiest spot in the house! Lots of happy times ahead for this beautiful girl.

Sweet Esme (Society St Flyer) can now look forward to a happy life of peace and comfort in her new home, where she will be loved and cherished.

Dan (Rocky Dan) now Dandy, is enjoying life in his new home with soft toys, country walks and two adoring owners who are delighted to have a greyhound in their lives again.

Flyss homed

Flyss (Farrany Flyer) mother of Nessa, Jubbly and Tigger, also homed by Erin Hounds, has now found her own forever home. Let’s hope all her other pups out there get the same chance of a forever sofa.

keats homed

Keats, rescued as a tiny pup from appalling conditions, took his time waiting for his forever home but his dreams finally came true as he has a lurcher brother to play with, a huge garden and a lovely family. Be happy sweet boy, you certainly deserve it!

Raisin (now Radar) has lots of space to play and an adoring family with whom to grow up. A long way from the perilous life on the streets into which he was born.

Young Cookie has found a lovely warm pillow in the form of new friend, Wilson. He and his brother Raisin, were two of a litter of stray pups, rescued in a bad way.

Astro (now Galen meaning calm in Irish Gaelic) thanks his lucky stars for Erin Hounds as he is now safe and warm as the bad weather approaches, not wandering stray in Ireland, just trying to stay alive..

Veeda (now Lola) is very much loved in her new home. She is all ears and has a keen eye for her new life and all the joy it will bring.

Jewel (Ivy Hall Jewel), now Freya, has joined fellow Erin hound Skye where she is enjoying family life, cuddles and toys. Thanks to her new family for opening their hearts to another lucky hound after the sad loss of their beloved hound Karlin.

Almost a year ago there was a little saluki lurcher reported as struggling to walk on the streets on Tuam. X-rays showed she had a badly broken hock on one back leg and severe ligament damage on the other. After 10 months of enduring operations, frustrating crate rest and doing hydrotherapy, Pacina has now fully recovered and is enjoying lots of love and care in a perfect home. We are proud to learn she is now called Erin but wish to also thank the vets, rescuers and carers in Ireland who never gave up on her.

Dune has found the perfect home with three other doggy friends, one of which is Daisy, another Erin Hound (foreground). Have a lovely life, Dune.

Moon (saluki) has found a perfect home and has met his match in the lovely Ruby who is also delighted with her new playmate. We don’t think there will be many dull moments in this home, now that these two have paired up!

Jerry has found his perfect home with partner in crime and former Erin Hound Lily (was Brumble). Lots of fun and beach holidays ahead for this lucky boy.

Expo (now Eric) has found a lovely home with other sighthounds to rest, rest and play with! Good lad.

Sid (was Sidelight) has a lovely new home and she ( yes- she !) is enjoying life very much especially the sofa and the country walks. Thank you to her new owner for patiently helping her get the hang of life outside kennels.

Haven is sleeping the sleep of the just in her new home, in true sighthound fashion. Lucky girl!

Harrison, now Harry for short, was found injured and alone in a sorry state but after some tender loving care he was ready to start afresh and is now making up for lost time in his loving new home.

Becks bounced into his new home with Dougal, the greyhound and is enjoying lots of love- ins. Thank you to everyone involved in helping him find his forever sofa.

Corona (now Boo) is enjoying fresh air with her new housemate, Sully (was Jumanji) also homed by Erin Hounds. The look on their faces says it all and is what we wish for all hounds shut away in Ireland.

Rescued from the same overcrowded place as Downton, Abby (Derreenard Pride) has now found a wonderful home with two other Erin survivors; (Suki who was rescued as a pup) and Bershka who was rescued in a bad state. Thank you to Abby’s fosterer for removing years of ground- in dirt and for her adopters who focused on Abby the individual and not on her age.

Wind (Abbeyville Wind), now Seren, has found a super home with two other hounds to play with and a beautiful big garden.

Downton, now Diesel (Clonarrow Turbo) shows no sign of accelerating off the armchair now he has bagged his forever home with former Erin hounds, Fletcher and Jed.

Daisy (Muckno Daisy), now Zara, is in clover in her fantastic new garden where she will enjoy the sensations of soft grass and warm sunshine in her well earned retirement.

Sonny (Abbeyville Son), now Lemmy, joins fellow Erin hound Tara and big sister Molly in a house full of hounds where he can enjoy love and security as well as his beloved squeaky toys!

Dizzy (Bloos Molisangel) knows which side her bread is buttered and is happily living alongside children, chicken and rabbits. She enjoys meeting up with Coco, also homed by Erin Hounds, for countryside walks. 

Abbeyville Dream (now Daisy) whispers to her neighbour “You rattle the lead and I’ll grab the chair!” Not much to ask when her sister, Abbeyville Holly, also homed by Erin Hounds, bagged a double bed in her first week

Crest (now Fergal) has found a comfortable new home and a loving owner- a far cry from the discarded mattress within which he was subsisting as a stray before being rescued.

Jack rehomed

Jack (Fantasy Jack) has joined an extended Erin Hounds family and is looking forward to lots of adventures in his new life.

Kuna (Ridgemount Moira) was found discarded in a ditch and emotionally shut-down but after months of rehabilitation in Ireland she was ready to take the next step towards her new life. She now has a loving family and is discovering all the joy and love that life has to offer.

Tigger (Farrany Father) has now settled comfortably into the corner of his new house with his friends Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

Silva (Abbeyville Silva) is just about getting used to the rigours of being a pet, in a house filled with mutual love and life enhancement, she reflects on her good fortune.

Finesse (Farrany Finesse) charmed her way into the hearts of her foster family and has joined their gang. She is looking forward to coming to lots of Erin Hounds events as a new greyhound ambassador.

Full Moon Fever (now Paddy) is enjoying his very first bank holiday weekend in his loving new home and dreaming of many more. Grateful thanks to his dedicated foster family who don’t themselves have the luxury of relaxing bank holidays as they are always working hard to help other hounds.

Lele, now Lenny, has found an idyllic home in the countryside with acres of space to run in and plenty of cuddles.

Bridget Jones is no longer “all by herself” as she now has a caring new owner and a lovely home.

Everything in the garden is rosy for Jumanji ( now Sully). It wasn’t always so and his new family have worked very hard and listened to advice to help him overcome his unpleasant memories from his former life.

Zola (Yorktown Zola) dreams the sweet dreams of a hound who has found her forever sofa and her new family believe she is truly heaven sent.

Daley (now Bodhi) has found a loving home, a comfy sofa and a human pillow and is dreaming of his new life as a much-loved family pet.


George (Vertagus George) receives lessons in sleeping on the sofa from his sister Sophie and looks forward to attending events with his lovely new family.

Heathlawn Tiger ( right) made a lot of money for his owners until the fateful day he ruptured his Achilles tendon during a race and found himself immediately at risk of death because he could no longer “perform”. Mountains were moved and he was rescued and is walking normally after some simple care. How his role has reversed… now known as Teddy / Ted, he is celebrated for coming 500th ( in the list of hounds rehomed by Erin Hounds) and will again be making money but this will be used to help other sighthounds also facing death, since he has been adopted by a pair of our star fundraisers.

Paloma, now Bella, didn’t waste any time once she arrived in her new home and is making the most of all the snuggles and games on offer.

Flybe (Farrany Flybe) now Wicket, kept her eye on the ball and it paid off. She has a lovely new home with a male black greyhound for company and the best vantage point from which to survey her new environment.

Hawaii ( now Jessie) is having a lovely sleep having been out squirrel watching. Thank you to her new home for letting her gradually unpack her bags and grow in confidence at her own pace. Jessie will certainly reward them with lots of love.

Luna is getting 40 winks in as most of the time these days she is busy exploring her new home’s grounds and playing with her new doggy pals.

Eva (Fairyhill Eva) is now happily living with a small white fluffy dog and meets Issy, another Erin hound on her countryside walks.

Cleo (was Caspi – Casper’s Lady) now reclines in style in her fantastic new home. This mature pink lady certainly knows a few tricks and  hopes to become a foster sister, teaching other hounds to bag their own sofa like greased lightning.

Chambers had many days of feeling rough on his way to becoming a pet but thanks to the care and dedication of his rescuers, Erin Hounds, vets and fosterers, he is now delighted to be Zachary’s new best friend.

Looking at Milan now, you would never know the poor state he was in when he was rescued. Forget Paris and New York cat walks, he is perfectly happy spotting cats and turning heads on his Cheshire walks!

Rick, now Lenny (unregistered greyhound) is settling into family life and enjoying being the centre of attention.

Meg (Carn Meg, sister of black greyhound, Jet, also homed by Erin Hounds) now Hetty, lets actions speak louder than words, in her new home!

Boo (Soft Booth) is so lovely that his family are besotted and he is enjoying lots of fresh air, adoration and uninterrupted sleep…. just as it should be for all dogs.

Kingston (now Cormac) has a bit to learn in his transition to life as a pet but has mastered lesson one and sniffed out the best bed in the house and is now a chaise “longdog”.

Jubbly (Farrany Fawn) now Mabel, has quickly settled into her new life and is enjoying a rest after a trip to the pub.

Abbeyville Holly is now living with a cat and hogging her new owner’s bed as you can see! Thank you so much to her wonderful fosterer for getting her used to the world so she slotted easily into her new home.

Ray says “Big dogs rule ok!”. His height is proving very useful because not only is he nearer the treats than his new housemates Ethel, the bossy chihuahua and Rosie, the whippet but his stature attracted his adoptive owner as it helps her walk out independently with confidence as he doesn’t get under her feet.

Gilroy finds himself a comfy sofa, a new brother and a forever home as his fosterers have fallen for this lovely boy and he joins fellow Erin hound Kobi. Be happy Gilroy, you deserve it!

 Tiarna, now Mimi, snuggles up to her new friend Max, safe in the knowledge that she will never be left out in the cold again.

 Penny (Highview Penny) now Pepper, has joined a gang of greyhounds who are showing her the ropes and teaching her that life can be fun!