Hounds we have homed in 2018

If you’ve homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk

Lurcher Archie knows a good home when he sees one and is now settled in for life.

“Right” said Fred (Clydal Fred)… “its into a loving home for me as there is still work to be done to show that big  greyhound boys make perfect pets, so here I am with my nose to the grindstone”

Big greyhound lad, Albus Dumbledore used his portkey well to apparate into the perfect home, with a little help from his muggle friends at Erin Hounds.

Bronya (was Chava) (centre) has a home in the hills with two kind hairy brothers and a Mum and Dad who will love and cherish her.

Rose (Granny’s Rosie) is where every greyhound would like to be. Thank you to all who helped her to get here. Enjoy your caravan holidays, Rose.

Swallow (now Willow) is a beautiful youngster who we are delighted is to be the apple of her new family’s eye. We wish her a long and fulfilling life as a pet which all greyhounds deserve but  few get.

Womble (now Finn)  has bagged a wonderful home with two other rescue dogs and enjoys canal walks and dozes in the warmth. Lucky lad.

Bronx (now Alfie) is a sighthound who is now able to relish the views on walks near his rural home rather than feeling alone, cold and hungry as the many stray Irish lurchers still out there, do.

Leroy (Clydal Lee) is putting the sofas to the test in his new home and looking forward to meeting up with other local greyhounds, including his sister Orla who lives just a stone’s throw away.

Dolly ( was Wren/ Il Silencio) is delighting her new home with how quickly she has settled in, even the resident cat. Thank you to them for patiently allowing us time to find them the right match.

Alba has found the perfect home with two doggy playmates and lots of room to let off steam. She will now be happy and loved. Thank you to her rescuers and her fosterer who together helped her fly.


Calais (Count Ellen) relaxes with her new best friend and reflects on her change in fortunes. If only life could be this sweet for all greyhounds!


Monkee, now Sukey, has found a lovely home in which to celebrate the new year and her wonderful new life with deerhound friend Magnus and 3 cats!