Hounds we have homed in 2020 If you have homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk

Steed, now Steve (Five Alley Max) looks like he will be fully compliant with ” flopdown” this bank holiday weekend as he settles into his new home. Fortunately, most greyhounds are well practiced in this art and are earnestly doing their bit by staying in!
Emu, now Cali (Kilbannon Baibau) has joined fellow Erin hounds Lexie and Samba in her new home and hasn’t stopped smiling yet!
Kiwi (Razamataz Flame), now Bluebell, on the right, is enjoying synchronised sleeping with her new buddy, Mungo. The number of toys has affected the symmetry but she is not complaining!
Quinoa (now Queenie) is so clever that she has managed to find her forever home during lockdown. She has charmed her fosterers so much that they have adopted her and she is now loved up with Charlie (was Bowie), another Erin Hound, in the foreground. Their nuptials are forthcoming, I believe.
boy homed Boy (Rasher’s Tide), now Buddy, has been unlucky twice; having been shipped heartlessly from Ireland to Spain to join all the other greyhounds and galgos already suffering there and then soon after, discarded with an injury.He has also been lucky twice- being rescued from Spain before the pandemic started and being adopted before UK pandemic restrictions started. We beg any racing or coursing owners to keep their Irish hounds safe until we can help them into loving homes once again.
True to his name, Fortune (now Flynn) had the very good luck to go into a foster place just before lockdown and is now staying there as a permanent member of the family. New best friend Loki now has someone to share fun times and sofa snuggles with.
Silk (Bambis Gift), now Lola, is busy delighting her new owners in between trying out her new bed and enjoying the sunshine in the lovely garden.
Tobermory (Anaconda), now Toby, charmed his way into the heart of a member of his foster family and bagged a permanent place on the sofa – doesn’t he look pleased about it!
Jagger (Denco Razl) is a rolling stone no more. He is now called Teddy and is living with greyhound, Jack who is finding him useful as a head rest on walks. Thank you so much to our small band of foster carers who help dogs like him learn about the outside world and becoming a pet- you are priceless.
After a bit of a wait, we are delighted that Storm has found the patient and understanding home that some dogs need more than others. She is in a forever home that was looking for a dog to help, not just to home.  If you have the time and patience to adopt a dog that needs guidance to help them be the best they can be, please contact us as it is incredibly rewarding and helps us save more hounds in need. 
Sandy (left) relaxes after a day of adventures with his new brother and sister. Thanks to his foster Mum for giving him the time and space to unpack his baggage and find his feet in his forever home.
No prizes for guessing what Kumani (left) is thinking as she eyes up the couch in her new home and its incumbent, Daisy (the resident Erin hound)!
.Samhain ( Burrow Fly- brother of Sooty, also homed by Erin Hounds) is taking five, between bouts of fun and games with his new adoring new friend, staffie- cross, Bonnie.
Cami is a lucky puppy who has landed on all four paws in a lovely home with acres of fields to play in and a human puppy to keep her company.
Quest, now Percy (Vicarsview Snoop) is starting a new phase of his life as a cherished pet, a path well trodden by his welcoming house mate, Monty, who was rescued from the horrific Macau canidrome , last year. 
Galilee  (Fuerty Rainbow ) now Margot, is certainly enjoying The Good Life , starting her new life as a much loved pet this Valentine’s weekend- something that no greyhound should be denied but sadly few experience.
Hertz now Harley is now enjoying all the comforts of his new home and has found his favourite spot in front of the fire. Clever boy.
Redford is enjoying home comforts, love and long walks. So happy for this lad who was recently a sad stray who would have had a very different ending if not for the hard work of committed volunteers both in Ireland and the UK.
Halla, now Hanna ( Pepsi Dasher) has a lovely new life ahead of her with an adoring new owner and cuddles a plenty.
Simpson or “Mister Simpson” as he is now known, is enjoying country walks and cosy cuddles in his new home.
Riley homed I think we can safely say that Riley is now living the life of………Riley! Thank you to everyone who helped him get here, from initially being lost and alone.
Saab, now Zoey (Mac’s girl) has an amazing new wardrobe and will be enjoying leg stretches on both the beach and the sofa.
Moritz (Castlegar Telly), now Bailey, is delighting his new owners with his funny character and snuggles. What a lovely way to start the new year!