Hounds we have homed in 2020 If you have homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk

Queso (now Abbi) just squeezed in finding a home before 2020 ends. She is one individual who we know for certain will have a happy new year. Stay safe and see you in 2021 to continue helping even more hounds!
Columbo (now Colin), despite having lost most of the sight in his right eye, managed to spot the perfect home. After the excitement of encountering snow for the first time, he cuddles up with his smaller housemate, safe in the knowledge that lots of fun and adventures await him in his new life. A big thank you to his rescuers and fosterer for helping him reach this point.
Balsa (now Ruby) would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year. She will certainly be having one as, instead of being a lost and hungry stray, she will be fully involved in her first ever family Christmas, safe and loved. Thank you for all your support which enables us to help those poor unfortunates still out there over Christmas.
Darwin (now Mojo) has changed from yet another greyhound with a broken leg after being used by man, to a pet being loved by man. All animals lives are affected by human actions – resolve to be animal kind in everything you do.
Ella Homed Gorgeous older girl Ella needed to find a new home when her owner could no longer care for her. Luckily Erin Hounds was able to help her find a new home where she is now loved and cherished.
Asante now Luna is enjoying home comforts and love in her new home and certainly deserves them. This sweet girl was found abandoned, tied to a gate in Ireland. She was scared, underweight, flea-ridden and covered in bite marks. Luckily her guardian angel was looking over her and she found her way, via Galway SPCA and Erin Hounds to a loving forever home. We wish that all greyhounds could be so lucky.
Forbes (now Guiness) demonstrates how wonderful his range of limb movements is and how relaxed he feels in his new home.  Who would believe this very young greyhound had such a complex fracture of his shoulder, after being hit by a car, that it was touch and go if he would survive? Thanks to the efforts of skilled vets, vet nurses and volunteers along with donations from supporters such as yourselves, he made it! His space has already been filled by the next broken greyhound and so it goes on.
Xanadu now Murphy snoozes happily in his new home, under the watchful eye of new sister Coco.
Himba homed Himba (now Winnie) is enjoying being the centre of attention and is keeping her eye out for more toys to add to her pile, while pretending to be asleep. Well done- have a happy life full of fun. 
Fayola (on the right) is now called Ruby and is living with another greyhound, homed by Erin Hounds, called Rocky who looks as thrilled as only a male greyhound can.
Hoola Hoop Hula Hoop now Daisy has joined fellow Erin hound Timmy and is busy learning all about how to be a cherished pet.
Now living in his new home, Rhino seizes the opportunity to illustrate that if you can fit a big soft toy in your house, you can fit in a chilled male greyhound, in the hope that our other big beautiful boys don’t get overlooked.
Kyna (now Tess) ran straight into her new home, picked up a ball and settled on the best bed, having jumped on all the others. She is happily living with another rescued lurcher and we are sure she will have lots of fun in her busy and loving new home.
Shetti ( now Phoebe) is a great ambassador for greyhound adoption as she has settled very quickly into her new home and will be enjoying walks with former Erin Hound, Galilee, now Margot ( whose family recommended greyhound adoption to Phoebe’s family as Margot was so wonderful!) .
Roulette (now Letti) took a gamble and it paid off as not only does she have a wonderful new home but she is the 800th hound homed by Erin Hounds!
Pygmy now Marcie enjoys a pig’s ear in her new garden. This tiny greyhound girl has landed on all four paws and now has a life of fun, games and love ahead of her.
Casino, now Connell, has charmed people of all ages on both sides of the Irish sea. This older greyhound lad is delighted to be able to swap his ” Adopt, don’t shop” collar for a smart new collar, sent to him with love.
Tipp (now Ted) is a very lucky lad- safe and warm for the upcoming winter months. Have a long and happy life, Ted!
jack Homed Our gentle giant Jack has now found his forever home and is busy getting snuggled up. Have a wonderful life, Jack!
Lilt has found that bean bags make interesting beds and is enjoying her new life with lurcher, Mango, also homed by Erin Hounds.
Tetley homed Tea for two? We are delighted that Tetley (left) is now living with his doppelganger, Brannock, also homed by Erin Hounds. They both enjoy zoomies at top speed together which is all the more wonderful as they both had broken legs when rescued. We are so grateful that their wonderful adopter was not put off by their injuries.
Muesli has become Mac and is busy educating his new owners on the joy of owning a greyhound. At least he will be when he wakes up!
Shorty’s expression says it all- ” What’s yours is mine- I am hanging onto the covers so don’t try anything!”. Thank you so much to his fosterer for caring for him during his long wait. We wish him all the very best in his new life.
naz homed Nazareth (now Sèamus), is the brother of Galilee (now Margot) previously homed by Erin Hounds. His life hung in the balance not so long ago due to complications from a fractured leg. He owes his life to the dedication of the rescuers, vets, vet nurses, kennel staff, rehabilitators, fosterers and transporters who fought so hard for him. That life, we are thrilled to say is now one of being an adored pet and his new family are over the moon. Please support us so we have the means to help the next one in the line of broken greyhounds and lurchers always heading our way.
Baboushka homed Baboushka (now Quince) on the left has joined Erin Hound, Jem (was Domino) and is likely to follow in his paws and do voluntary work with Therapy Dogs Nationwide. These rescued, forgiving hounds are proud to pay it forward.
Karoun ( now Crumble) on the right, is happily living with new canine companion, Florence and is the apple of her new family’s eye. 
Not so little, Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet and after falling asleep, thanks to her friends at Erin Hounds, awoke to find she was no longer a discard from the racing industry but an adored pet called Sally. Those curds and whey must be powerful!
Sonnet (now Niamh) is taking her future role as companion to newly rescued sighthounds in foster care very seriously as she has adopted an Irish name to make them feel at home right from the start. 
Chalice (now Max) aptly demonstrates that if you can fit a wide screen TV in your home, you can easily accomodate a big male greyhound. 
Prism (now Posy) is delighted that her ” castle in the air”  of living as a pet in a happy home, loved and taken for walks has come true with her very first trip to the beach. Enjoy a wonderful life, Posy.
Taxi (now Sydney) skilfully flagged down a home and is now introducing a very happy family to the joy of rescuing a greyhound.
Kiki homed Kiki, now Janis, has found not only her own comfy bed but a handsome big brother Fred to rest her head upon. Looks like Fred has already stolen a piece of her heart!
Sykes took his time choosing the perfect home but it looks like it was worth the wait! Thanks to his foster Mum for taking such good care of him and his new owners who were prepared to give him the time to unpack his bags and settle.
Kashmir (now Franklin) has a cosy corner to call her own and all the worries taken off her shoulders – what could be better for a graceful greyhound, like her?
Schweppes has joined a happy gang of sighthounds and has wasted no time making himself at home.
Luna Homed Laguna, now Luna, has been busy training her new family to act as human pillows. Good girl Luna!
hdrpl Shen (now Finn) is quite bemused to find that love, walks, food, toys and peaceful sleep are all his, for ever and ever now. “It’s a dog’s life” can sadly mean very different things, depending on your owner.
Alcott, now Rosie, prides herself on her immaculate lawn – let’s hope she does not invite her greyhound pals round for zoomies after heavy rain!
Who would have thought that this beautiful, relaxed hound, Orlaith, once called Prairie, was so terrified by life on the streets that it took 5 experienced rescuers, kept informed by sightings from local residents, a whole month of exhausting effort, frustration and stress to catch her. Imaging this photograph is what gave them the strength to persevere and will give them hope when the inevitable call about the next terrified stray lurcher comes  in.
Mr Potts (now Tigger) is enjoying his home comforts. While getting used to the sights and sounds in his new locale on his walks, he is drawing lots of admiring glances and spreading the word that sighthounds make wonderful pets.
Saachi (now Molly) is enjoying life and living with a rescued young lurcher which is very tiring for a greyhound!
The family of fun- loving Igloo (now Lulu) have bought her lots of lovely new toys but her favourite, by far, is an old broken ball! 
Jennings (now Rover) is enjoying a group yoga session with his lurcher housemate, Lola before an upcoming trip with his new family in a motor home during which he can really live up to his new name!
Freedom (now Eddie) on the right, has not only got his paws under the table but appears to have got his new friend, Reggie, well and truly under his paw. What a lovely sight for those who rescued Freedom along with Fate and Fortune (lurchers also homed by Erin Hounds).
Piaf, now Evie on the right has been filling in her new house mate Rasher ( also homed by Erin Hounds) on the latest news about sighthounds in the west coast of Ireland. He was upset to hear that frightened stray lurchers, which he once was, are still numerous and is so glad they are both now responsibly owned and can sleep in peace and security.
dav JoJo  is having a ball , enjoying life as a pet – such a lot to learn but all good. She is bringing smiles to lots of faces too.
Herriot ( now Loki) has found a loving home with caring owners who will allow him all the time he needs to get over the trauma of being a scared stray who ended up in a pound with a broken leg.
Osaka (Pat Blue Holly), now Suki is taking no chances and has already laid claim to the warmest spot in the house. Polly can put the kettle on but Suki will be making jolly sure, come winter, the wood burning stove is put on!.
Henderson (Doona Buck), now Dougie, has bowled over his new family with his placid nature and calm demeanor. Another big male greyhound in a home showing what laid back gentle giants they really are.
Dulcie (Legion Diva) keeps a weather eye on the door in case one of her local Erin Hound’s fellow adoptees comes calling to see if she is playing out- hope she does not get mud on her lovely new collar!
Agassi homed Agassi, now Ziggi (Glenconor Baby) is now safely where every greyhound should be, thanks to the hard work and dedication of a team of caring volunteers and his new loving home.
Rosa (Stop at the party), now Willow, is making friends in her new home and enchanting everyone she meets. Luckily this is second nature for a greyhound so does not use up too much energy. Thank you to her foster carer who did a great job as I know she was sorry to see her go but recognises that the next foster dog and the next, need her too as the stream of homeless hounds does not stop.
Grayson (now Vern) lies in the garden with the sun on his back instead of being a carcass lying in an incinerator, due solely to the calibre of our rescuers on the frontline.  He was on the waiting list to be surrendered for rehoming by his owner who keeps greyhounds for “sport”. Pandemic not withstanding, they received a phone call requesting that although it was a pity as he was a lovely dog, he should now be taken off the waiting list as he was to be put to sleep at 4.30pm that day. Why?… because he had two new greyhounds coming in and so could wait no longer. As The Welfare of Greyhounds Act provides no protection whatsoever for greyhounds like him, the rescuers dropped everything and saved his life. How ironic that racing/ coursing trainers and owners object to ” rescued” being applied to greyhounds that survive.
Helium (Tail Bound), now Rocky, is well and truly at home with his new friend Grace, the greyhound. He loves playing and amassing socks and scarves on his bed. So good to see another big black lad in a loving home.
Loren (now Molly) shows how the direction of a dog’s life depends so much on whose hands it ends up in.  A rescue in Ireland got a call from her owner asking them to take her as she ‘wasn’t well’. The rescue advised he take her to a vet to establish what was wrong with her which  turned out to be absolutely nothing!. Her owner  then refused to come and collect her so the rescue paid the bill and took her in. Now having been homed by Erin Hounds,  this girl will be for ever loved and never let down again.
Cocoon, now Fergus, snoozes peacefully on the sofa in his new home. He never could have dreamed how his life could have turned around, from sad stray in the pound to cherished pet in a lovely home with trips to the seaside to look forward to. Thanks to all the caring people who helped him on his journey.
Satin (Kitmins Denise), now Saoirse, has landed on all four paws in a lovely home where she is enjoying the sunshine with her new family.
Dream (now Pippa) has certainly found her dream home with a lovely big garden and lots of company. If only the needless and soul- destroying overbreeding and abandonment of young lurchers in Ireland could be stopped. It is never ending and we know that sadly very many of them are not saved.
Heston, now Cooper (Fuerty Tiger) looks down on his brother Charlton, now Percy (Fuerty Strike) and thinks he is is actually quite heavy but he’s my brother. Three cheers for the couple who could see that the only thing better than a brindle friendly giant is two brindle friendly giants so these brothers will be spending their lives together.
Fate (now Willow) having come in after a walk, clearly illustrates the difference between owning a sighthound and owning a collie or a labrador! Rescued along with Freedom and Fortune, her fate is now well and truly sealed as the heart of a big canine and human family.
Doe homed Doe (now Erin) is an illustration of what can be achieved when the resilience of neglected Irish hounds meets the team work of dedicated people on both sides of the Irish sea. Sweet dreams, little one.
Steed, now Steve (Five Alley Max) looks like he will be fully compliant with ” flopdown” this bank holiday weekend as he settles into his new home. Fortunately, most greyhounds are well practiced in this art and are earnestly doing their bit by staying in!
Emu, now Cali (Kilbannon Baibau) has joined fellow Erin hounds Lexie and Samba in her new home and hasn’t stopped smiling yet!
Kiwi (Razamataz Flame), now Bluebell, on the right, is enjoying synchronised sleeping with her new buddy, Mungo. The number of toys has affected the symmetry but she is not complaining!
Quinoa (now Queenie) is so clever that she has managed to find her forever home during lockdown. She has charmed her fosterers so much that they have adopted her and she is now loved up with Charlie (was Bowie), another Erin Hound, in the foreground. Their nuptials are forthcoming, I believe.
boy homed Boy (Rasher’s Tide), now Buddy, has been unlucky twice; having been shipped heartlessly from Ireland to Spain to join all the other greyhounds and galgos already suffering there and then soon after, discarded with an injury.He has also been lucky twice- being rescued from Spain before the pandemic started and being adopted before UK pandemic restrictions started. We beg any racing or coursing owners to keep their Irish hounds safe until we can help them into loving homes once again.
True to his name, Fortune (now Flynn) had the very good luck to go into a foster place just before lockdown and is now staying there as a permanent member of the family. New best friend Loki now has someone to share fun times and sofa snuggles with.
Silk (Bambis Gift), now Lola, is busy delighting her new owners in between trying out her new bed and enjoying the sunshine in the lovely garden.
Tobermory (Anaconda), now Toby, charmed his way into the heart of a member of his foster family and bagged a permanent place on the sofa – doesn’t he look pleased about it!
Jagger (Denco Razl) is a rolling stone no more. He is now called Teddy and is living with greyhound, Jack who is finding him useful as a head rest on walks. Thank you so much to our small band of foster carers who help dogs like him learn about the outside world and becoming a pet- you are priceless.
After a bit of a wait, we are delighted that Storm has found the patient and understanding home that some dogs need more than others. She is in a forever home that was looking for a dog to help, not just to home.  If you have the time and patience to adopt a dog that needs guidance to help them be the best they can be, please contact us as it is incredibly rewarding and helps us save more hounds in need. 
Sandy (left) relaxes after a day of adventures with his new brother and sister. Thanks to his foster Mum for giving him the time and space to unpack his baggage and find his feet in his forever home.
No prizes for guessing what Kumani (left) is thinking as she eyes up the couch in her new home and its incumbent, Daisy (the resident Erin hound)!
.Samhain ( Burrow Fly- brother of Sooty, also homed by Erin Hounds) is taking five, between bouts of fun and games with his new adoring new friend, staffie- cross, Bonnie.
Cami is a lucky puppy who has landed on all four paws in a lovely home with acres of fields to play in and a human puppy to keep her company.
Quest, now Percy (Vicarsview Snoop) is starting a new phase of his life as a cherished pet, a path well trodden by his welcoming house mate, Monty, who was rescued from the horrific Macau canidrome , last year. 
Galilee  (Fuerty Rainbow ) now Margot, is certainly enjoying The Good Life , starting her new life as a much loved pet this Valentine’s weekend- something that no greyhound should be denied but sadly few experience.
Hertz now Harley is now enjoying all the comforts of his new home and has found his favourite spot in front of the fire. Clever boy.
Redford is enjoying home comforts, love and long walks. So happy for this lad who was recently a sad stray who would have had a very different ending if not for the hard work of committed volunteers both in Ireland and the UK.
Halla, now Hanna ( Pepsi Dasher) has a lovely new life ahead of her with an adoring new owner and cuddles a plenty.
Simpson or “Mister Simpson” as he is now known, is enjoying country walks and cosy cuddles in his new home.
Riley homed I think we can safely say that Riley is now living the life of………Riley! Thank you to everyone who helped him get here, from initially being lost and alone.
Saab, now Zoey (Mac’s girl) has an amazing new wardrobe and will be enjoying leg stretches on both the beach and the sofa.
Moritz (Castlegar Telly), now Bailey, is delighting his new owners with his funny character and snuggles. What a lovely way to start the new year!