Just some of the hounds we have homed in 2015

If you’ve homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk

Eau look! Volvic, now Ted, is bringing in the New Year in the most perfect way…. with a new toy in a new home.

After much consideration Halo has decided that she would like to formally adopt her foster family. Along with Erin Hounds Willow & Tia she looks forward to continuing to welcome foster hounds and showing them where the biscuits are kept.


Onion (Bolt For Me), pictured centre and now called Dala, worked her magic upon her foster family and turned their duo of Erin hounds into a trio! They are beautifully matched as you can see!


Bershka rescued from the pound in poor condition having been neglected and abused, this gentle girl is learning to trust again and to enjoy life in a home, with the help of her caring new owners and fellow Erin hounds Dee and Suki.

Katie (Katie’s Pearl) is now called Holly and is proving to be a fantastic companion, when she is awake (!) and a much loved pet. We look forward to seeing her again at one of our events.


With the change of season, came a change in fortune for Autumn (Autumn Dawn). After a spell in foster care, she now has a home all to herself and is looking forward to spring and summer so she can enjoy exploring the local countryside.


Things certainly stacked up for Jenga (now Ellie) on the left, who is playing a vital role in making her new home’s décor symmetrical, by bookending the sofa with her new chum, Lemmy.


Woody (unregistered greyhound) decided that chasing things wasn’t for him, and found himself a lovely home where he can snooze his days away on the sofa.


Noddy (Fatboyz Nodrog) has found a loving home with Ivy, another Erin Hound, who made his acquaintance at our Meet and Greet. Now he can get his head down without ever having to worry where his next comfy cushion is coming from.


Ex- brood bitch Zena (Zena’s Star) now has her own human puppy to read her a bedtime story while  she reclines on the couch. Please support our efforts to ensure more greyhounds like Zena have a happy ending.


Mac (unregistered greyhound) is now living in a lovely rural home with several other rescued sighthound buddies, all kept in check by the household’s elderly terrier.


Basil (Forelacka Cause) is a TV addict. In his new home, he is finding catching up on the programmes he missed while stuck in racing kennels, quite exhausting.


Streets, now Seamus. This little man was resigned to living on the streets after his owner died and had spent at least two winters fending for himself. He’s now looking forward to life in a home with new friend Caspar the whippet for company. Big thanks to his foster family for reintroducing Seamus to the joys of home life.


Dusky (Dusky Lady) found herself in a desperate situation in the pound, but was rescued in the nick of time and now finds herself in a very different situation – in the best spot in the house and surrounded by a loving family


Lovely lurcher Lynam bounced straight into a loving home. He quickly found the toys and the lurcher-shaped space on the sofa and hasn’t looked back!

Eddie the Eagle (Derrane Eagle) has landed in a fabulous home where he will join Erin Hound Daphne in galloping round the glorious garden and snoozing on comfy beds.

Chloe has followed her sister Fawnie’s lead and found a lovely family to spoil her. It’s now soft toys and comfy sofas all the way for this charming girl.

Bertie makes himself comfortable in his new home and looks forward to long country walks and lots of games with his new family. Have fun Bertie!

Dixon, our cute little lurcher sniffed out a new home, skipped right in and settled down. He has new greyhound friend, Cara to show him the ropes and a young family to grow up alongside. Thank you to all who help him transfer from “stray” to “stay”.

Little lurcher Maud (now Holly) is floating on Cloud 9 in her new home where she will enjoy holidays in her new family’s mobile home and lots of care and attention.

Nessa (Park Amnesia), now Tess, thought her time was up when she ended up in a pound at the end of her racing career. Instead she found herself with a bright future – a family to love her, three children to play with and a feline companion!

In his foster home, Monkey now Declan(Black Monk) learned a lot from resident ex- Erin foster dogs, Monty and Beauty….. the most important being how to get under your fosterers’ skin so much that they adopt you! Here he enjoys the spoils with his other house mate, the ever tolerant Jinxy.

It’s the country life for Orson! With three doggy pals, and acres of land to play in, Orson has found himself in something approaching doggy heaven. Good luck Orson, you certainly deserve it!

Lovely girl Daisy waited a long time for her perfect home. She is loving living in the countryside with her new family and sharing the sofa with three handsome doggy companions.

Phillo, is really enjoying tickles in all the right places. This boy, on his forever sofa, is a sight we have longed to see. Stay safe, handsome lad.

Yolo ( Sheeaun Yolo ) is making the most of the life she is lucky enough to still have, have been born a greyhound in Ireland. She sprinted towards the long anticipated couch in her new home, knowing full well that You Only Live Once. We wish her every happiness as a pet.

Genteel lady Croi ( Blenhiem Heart ) has, rather fittingly, found herself living on the estate of a stately home.  She has acres of space to play with her colour- coordinated small doggy friends and has already stolen her new family’s hearts.

Fawnie (Real Fawn), now Phoebe, finds herself in a loving home full of toys and comfy beds. A much-deserved happy ending for this sweet girl.

Our special girl Jazz has come a long way, and ended up in a wonderful home where she has children to play with, long walks in the countryside and trips to the beach. Enjoy your much deserved happiness, Jazz!

Suzi (Youhadyourchance) has hung up her racing shoes and settled happily into life as a family pet, with adoring humans to cater for her every need and the world’s biggest dog bed!

Kudu, now Anya, snuggles down in her new home knowing that she will never again have to fend for herself, but instead will have endless cuddles, games and love with her new family.

Delicious Nat, now Nacho (was Coastal Native) has found his forever home with a happy couple who describe his poses on the sofa as positively regal and say he is the best dog ever.

Jamie will be familiar to many Erin supporters and we are delighted that he has now has found the perfect home… with his dedicated fosterers and their greyhound, Petra. They have all patiently guided and supported Jamie while he has slowly blossomed into a friendly boy happy to say hello to busy westies and other dogs on his walks now without a second thought, having initially been reactive to other dogs when out and about.


From stray to sofa - Erin Hounds’ efforts to help Vectra now Ivy paid off and her face says it all!

Gibbs, now Whiskey, snuggles up to his new sister Lola and looks forward to many happy years of love and fun in his forever home.

Kodak, now Kobi makes the most of the summer weather in his new home and is looking forward to welcoming foster brothers and sisters to play with in the near future!

Look how baby boy, Tucker (unregistered greyhound) grins from ear to ear as he runs about with his friend, Grace, in his countryside forever home. Well done to his adopter for restoring the light to this lovely lad’s eyes.

Dottie, now Daphne (Tromora Dot) cannot do justice to her massive new lawn. Maybe this greyhound heaven will provide a haven soon for another lucky hound to help her out!

Jed (was Jenody)  relaxing in his new home, watched over by new girlfriend, Pearl. Out of shot are his other house mates, Nemo and former Erin hound, Fletcher. They look forward to meeting you at future Erin Hounds’ events.

Handsome chap Fargo has found his forever family with four lovely children, he has a choice of sofas to relax on after long family walks.

Fagin hangs onto his tongue as he runs ahead of his new friend, Rupert. Luckily he doesn’t really need to worry now as he would have done when he was rescued………with a gaping wound in his lower jaw, so large you could put your fingers through it.

Gemini (now Milly), a shy stray lurcher has moved onto a life of love and happy times. Thank you to her new owners for coming forward to adopt rather than buy – three cheers for common sense and true dog lovers.

Buddy ( Mumbai Budda ) has a double bed, pillow, two servants and a pile of soft toys to choose from. Good news for this sweet lad, whose owners looked to us to find him a home after racing.

Kanga ( Knockdomney Tom) is only where he is today because of timely negotiation at the pound to divert him from the needle and then weeks of dedicated foster care. This big boy, son of Carnageehy Lass (herself rescued from death in a pound after years of producing pups and homed by us) now looks forward to enjoying a safe future.

Picked up as an emaciated stray on the streets of Dublin, Finn finally finds himself in every hound’s favourite position – upside down with his legs in the air, in a comfy bed and surrounded by a loving family with two children to play with. Thanks to the chain of caring people who helped him reach his forever home.

Kew Melody is perpetuating the botanical theme by studying her namesake (she is now called Buttercup) in her new home which comes complete with duck pond and bluebell wood. She was saved from a pound as was her mother Kew Diamond (also rehomed by Erin Hounds), the latter being skeletal with an open leg wound extruding wire from an old break….only 12 weeks after having Buttercup
Big softie Toby, now Milo the Flash, is adored purely for himself now rather than the cups he won in his former life as racer, Mags Gamble. He prefers to take his good fortune lying down which we think is very fitting for a top pet.
From stray to serenity personifed. We are sure you will agree that Saffron is much more classy than any scatter cushion could ever be!
Cherry Homed 300 x 220
Cherry Rita ( left) has now crossed the threshold from sadness and fear in a pound to love and care in a fantastic home. Here she is being shown the ropes by sweet Sophie, her learned canine companion.
Here is Socks in his new home, feeling for his left sock under his new sleeping partner.  Many happy sofa days, boyo.
Johnny ( Johnny’s Corner) is now living with Tonka, the lurcher, who budged up so that Johnny now has a sofa on which to lay his head.
Trooper Blue, having carefully studied the job description for the position of ” Couch Potato in Chief”, was successfully appointed to the role and got to work within minutes. Here in his new home, he steals hearts even as he sleeps.

Rosie (Dunbolg Diva) – this fun-loving girl romped straight into a home full of love and laughter – as you can see she’s going to have a ball with her new buddies!

Jess (Bective Jessie) – this sweet girl has found home comforts and a loving family with children to play with – be happy Jess!
Brumble, now Lily, has found a loving home with two children to play with, and now has a rosy future ahead of her.
Oscar (Bective Saturn), now Moses,  is a happy hound now that he has joined another Erin hound, Red, in his forever home. His transition from kennel to sofa was greatly aided by one of our very valuable foster carers and we all wish him a fun-filled future.
Nutmeg, the lonely young stray has now blossomed into Megan, the loved pet. She has lots to learn about the outside world and her new family are happy to guide her along and ensure she becomes a good canine citizen.
Amy, now Gypsy (right), has everything she ever dreamed of with a warm and caring home and a handsome fellow, Sunny as her new best friend. A far cry from her former life of neglect and a much-deserved lucky break for this sweet girl.
Sandy is now a much loved pet in a family with 3 children, a kitten and a massive garden to tear around in, which he loves. Great result for an innocent soul who was handed in as an 8 week old stray to a NWSPCA charity shop
Destiny homed 300 x 235 Edit
Destiny ( now Dessy) was a petrified starved wreck but look at her now! Having tried out all the beds, she likes this one best along with her new lurcher and feline house mates. Wouldn’t it be amazing if only we could cut out the suffering that these poor hounds go through first.
Home at last. Ranchero ( now Diesel) after living feral for over a year in Ireland, won the sofa dash in his new home where he lives with Gypsy ( now Alice) who was saved from a pound. The good life starts here for these smashing hounds!
Every older gentleman should have his favourite armchair and Ranger, now Rafa ( Alia Rasher) has found his. An added perk of his new home is a young lady greyhound called Betty to keep him company. We wish him well in his future, safe in the knowledge that he will never again be a cold, lost stray.
Perry, the whippet, has made an Erin Hounds’ hat – trick by joining Joey, one of the first hounds we homed and Violet, an Erin lurcher, in their happy home. Wandering stray with a blue rope around his neck will soon be a distant memory for this dinky little lad.
For Purdy (was Misty – Carnageehy Lass) life begins at 8. This greyhound could be described as “lucky” because she survived to that age, albeit it ending up on death row in a pound but she is without doubt, very fortunate to now be enjoying love, security and caravan holidays with woodland walks.
Freckles (Sensitivity) has now found a loving, forever home and has a resident playmate as a bonus:  lovely Mack the greyhound. Please keep away from the hedgehog food Freckles!
Dora ( Taste of Clare) is not even two yet but has found a patient, caring home where she is starting to learn about the joys of life. Here she is enjoying her first game of musical statues-  we suspect that soon she will realise that as a greyhound, some are winners but many are losers.
Jimmy (left) has been welcomed with open arms into a loving home with soft toys, walks and a massive comfy bed…… greyhound heaven.
Muffit got under the skin of her fosterer so much that she couldn’t bear to part with her. Muffit is now helping other needy dogs settle in as fosters, on their way ( or not!) to their forever homes.
Reeva (Revelate) dozes happily and hopes her new life is not all just a dream. In a few months, she has moved from cowering to couture, as her style- conscious new mum ensures she has the correct outfit for every occasion! Such a shame that due to prior neglect, this poor girl needed 33 teeth removing at the tender age of 4.
Picked up as a stray, emaciated and terrified, life has certainly taken a turn for the better for our little girl Breen as she snuggles up to big brother Scooby in her lovely new home.
This little gem of a lurcher, Ashley ( now Lupo) is delighting his new owner and has already enjoyed wonderful winter walks, warm nights, yummy meals and play time- simple pleasures denied him in his former life.
judehomed Jude (Judicial Academy) pictured left. Having been adopted by committed and enthusiastic owners of several rescued greyhounds, will now provide a voice for greyhounds let down by repeated failures to enforce greyhound welfare laws. When this neglected top ex – racer has finished being read his bedtime story and moves off the sofa ,he will be a regular canine volunteer at our events so come and hear his tale.
Mackenzie-homed300x235 Mackenzie (unregistered greyhound) has been taken under the wing of another Erin Hound, Dylan. Having shown him all his toys, kind Dylan happily serves as a warm pillow while Mac settles into his lovely new home.
TIc-Tac-homed_300x235 Our big boy, Tic Tac (Cry After Dawn),  now Marty, here demonstrates that size is no barrier to being a lap dog. He now lives happily with a rescued greyhound called Chase and has a bright future ahead of him.