In Memory

Dedicated to the memory of hounds we have loved and had the honour of sharing our lives with. Please let us know if you would like a photo of your dog on this page.

The saddest of days. Our beloved rescue dog Ivy (was Sepi) has passed away. Taken ill very suddenly. I am broken hearted. For 7 months we loved her & showed her how good life can be. She was the gentlest of souls. Blessed to have had her in our lives.  Kirsty, near Leek
January 2019An angel from the Emerald Isle
Alas, you only stayed a while
You left our hearts, with an empty hole
Sweet, lovely Boo, a gentle soul

This beautiful girl stole everyone’s heart who met her. Only had 18 months here with us, taken to rainbow bridge way too soon, we all miss her so much especially Sully her loyal companion xxx

Buddy (Mumbai Budda) 2010-2019, our darling boy taken too soon, was our first greyhound who stole our hearts.  We’ll remember with love your toothy grin, amazing ear positions, your vocalisations, your zoomies in the back garden, your bouncy walk and your fun and charming spirit.  Everyone you met fell for you.  You brought so much joy to our lives and you’ll never be forgotten. (Fiona and Brian)
Bonnie (Hollywell First) – 2007-2018. Gone too soon. A very very lovable character who learnt to play and have real fun with her soulmate Brandy (lurcher). Bonnie developed a very aggressive tumour and was put to sleep two weeks after Brandy died suddenly. Devastated. Julie and Mike
Moss Thank you Moss, our beautiful lurcher for 6 happy years and although you are no longer with us, you will always be a part of our family. (Kevin, St. Helens)
Cara (Uluru Girl), 2005 – 2017.Cara was our wonderful Irish Girl. She retired from racing aged 3 and we found her soon after at a local sanctuary. We’d never even thought of having a greyhound before but her beautiful eyes and personality won our hearts straight away and we never looked back. She has been a much loved member of our family for the last 10 years and a mentor for Dixon, our young Erin Hounds lurcher! Had we not fallen for her, we wouldn’t have realised what amazing pets and friends, sighthounds make nor would we have appreciated how many of them are abandoned and need a new home. Cara sadly passed away in November 2017, and is much missed. She wasn’t an Erin Hound, but our thanks to Erin Hounds for letting us remember her here and for finding her such a good companion in Dixon.
Dee (Automic Dancer) April 2006 – February 2017. Dee (affectionately known as Chudley) lived life to the full, both in foster care (where she was for two and a half years!) and in her fantastic forever home. She stole hearts with her upbeat manner, amusing playtime antics and penchant for squeaky toys. This girl’s journey just goes to show that those who overlook “just another black greyhound” might miss out on their best friend ever. Helping others find a home will be a fitting tribute and ensure Dee’s cheeky smile will find life again in other hounds’ faces.
Lily (Unique Ace) AKA Lilyspotamus September 2004 – October 2016. Lily was a great role model/ guide/ nemesis for many of the Erin foster dogs. Beautiful, sometimes stubborn, often mischievous, but so lovable and with the ability to always make us smile and laugh. There’s a huge Lily-shaped-hole in our lives and we’ll never forget you big girl. Andy, Helen and Boss xxx
josie Our little sausage Josie (Pat’s Flight) left for the sky in October 2015 just short of her 14th birthday.   Our gentle girl touched the hearts of everyone who met her, giving a good rattle and a nudge with her snout.  Thank you Erin Hounds for bringing us over 4 years of joy, she left the world a happy dog.
bansha Beautiful girl Bansha Beauty adopted from Erin in February 2013. Left for the Bridge 11.06.15, aged 11 years and one month.  We loved her and lost her too soon. Missing her every day.  Thank you for bringing us together Erin x
Jude (Judicial Academy) 2008- 2015
He was used, abused and thrown away like rubbish but for six months became our treasure and we loved him to pieces.
He loved to have his 4 sisters and brothers flopping about all limbs together when sleeping and his favourite space was firmly sandwiched between us on the sofa. He moved cushions all over the house and learned to make a bed from throws and fluffy cushions. He learned to play, had holidays on the beach, enjoyed special teas, adored having his ears and neck stroked, mastered roaching (I think he knew this all along), learned to love squirty cream (I know, bad mummy!) and became carefree for the first time in his life…. then he died.Please, please don’t let his death be in vain and thank you, Erin Hounds,for the most special of gifts.. Jude. His loving family Marcia, John, Charley, Flynn, Holly and Mini
Although not an Erin Hounds’ hound Ziggy (Ziggys Lass) shared her home with many Erin foster dogs and helped them on their way to their new lives. Ziggy was beautiful, cheeky, sometimes a bit of a lovable diva and never failed to raise a smile. An outstanding ambassador for promoting what wonderful pets greyhounds make and is much missed by her mum Barbara and all who were lucky enough to know her.
The late, great Bree (Miss Brettley) who we dearly miss. She was our first Erin hound and was the perfect introduction to retired Greyhounds for our family, for that we are eternally grateful to all at Erin Hounds. Thank you.
Millie. 2002 -2015.She was the most gentle of dogs with the heart of a lion and it was our privilege to have custody of her for her last years after her owner, Syd died. We have so many happy memories of her and she is so sadly missed but will never be forgotten.
RIP Millie.
tabasco_300x400 Tabasco was picked up as a stray in Ballina, County Mayo. He was a striking looking young lurcher who loved people and had a penchant for Custard Creams. Unbelievably in June 2014, on the very day he was offered a fantastic home, tragedy struck when he came down with a rare and catastrophic blood disorder from which he did not recover. Even in his final hours, he managed to raise a wag and this loving boy will be very sadly missed by all those who met him. Erin Hounds’ annual Great British Greyhound Walk will mark his memory.
pearl_300x290 Pearl (Walkabout Fergie) was surrendered to a mixed breed rescue in Ireland having been used for breeding greyhounds, then lurchers. She herself was surrendered shortly after two of her sons had been surrendered, one of which was Gunner McCormack, also homed by Erin Hounds. Beautiful brindle Pearl was fantastically lucky to get a wonderful home in her middle age, with Brenda in Co Leitrim, Ireland until going to sleep, along with her aged companion of the previous few years, Darcy the lurcher, in June 2014.
layna_300x400 Layna (Cavan’s Golden Girl). Layna was one of 6 greyhounds, including one of her sons, surrendered from appalling conditions, when she was 9 years old. In shocking health, with many ailments, Layna found a Samaritan in Ireland and spent 14 months of freedom, comfort and love at home with Emma from Galway SPCA, an organisation Erin Hounds work closely with, before her battle with Cushing’s disease became too much and she went to sleep in June 2014.
suzi_300x290 Suzi (Benny Boy) came out of Dundalk Dog Pound in Ireland in July 2008. With a deformed back leg from an untreated injury, Suzi’s mobility was compromised. Despite being the kindest, gentlest and most beautiful of ladies, who would have made any home a happier place, she stayed with Victoria in Ireland, where she could run and play on an all grass environment. Shortly after her tenth birthday, following a very short illness, Suzi joined her friends at the Rainbow Bridge, in June 2014.
lexi_300x290 Lexi (Sexi Lexi) joined one of Erin Hounds’ founder’s own pack of hounds, having suffered a small stroke at about 18 months old, which saw the end of any future racing career. Lexi went on to be a true ambassador for her breed in Ireland, demonstrating fantastic serenity and graciousness when out on public occasions, no matter how busy or stressful the environment was. Sadly, Lexi died suddenly shortly before reaching her third birthday in June 2014.
Lyra Sadly Lyra died while waiting for her forever home but we are eternally grateful to her fosterer for showing this poor girl, saved from the streets, love and care for the first time in her life.
moley Freya (Bogside Sally)
This special girl was taken far too young and leaves her devastated owners behind.
rudi Rudi (Ambis Seamie)
Rudi had had a rough time before arriving with us, but has known joy and love with a wonderful family for the last year. Gone much too soon.Missed so much by all that knew him, but especially by Henni and family.
perdy Perdy (Button Moon)
Perdy had a truly profound and life changing effect on her family, causing a change in career and introducing them to the world of greyhounds. She was a wonderful matriarchal figure for many of Erins foster hounds. One of the sweetest and kindest of girls, with a stubborn streak a mile wide, she will be much missed by Simon, Alex and all those that knew her.
luke Luke, aka Lu-la (Blackburn Lukey)
Luke despite his idiosyncrasies, or maybe because of them, was owned by Victoria, one of our driving forces, and lived the rural idyll in Ireland.”The cantankerous old cuss has gone off to torment others. Much loved and will be dearly missed” … by Victoria, Rob and all those that knew him.
murphy Murphy
Murphy the Irish Wolfhound found a wonderful new life with a very dedicated couple who gave him the most special time in his twilight years. Sadly neither he nor they got as long with him as was deserved by both parties.
mattie Matty (Coolready Road)
Could a dog have been cherished and adored more than Matty? His loss at a far too young age, so unfair. Matty followed Pharaoh and Harry, into a wonderful warm home, each personality and character further strengthening the belief of the ‘special-ness’ of this wonderful breed to his devoted humans.
flite Flite (Go Harvey Go)
Flite had a rough start but once homed she loved to play with family’s cats, hamsters, and her party trick was walking around the living room with pet rat hitching a ride on Flite’s back. Flite was much loved by Susan and Mark and family.
ollie Ollie
Tragically Ollie suffered untreatable injuries whilst playing, leaving devastated owners behind. The Erin Team will always be indebted to them for opening their hearts to this lovely black beauty and allowing him the chance of a happy life. Ollie died a treasured pet.
holly Holly
Known to her family as Hollycopter, she touched the hearts of everyone she met, and had a very special family in the Hiltons, who adored her and miss her greatly.
There is a new bright star in the sky…
connor Connor (Ex-racing Greyhound)
Connor’s Irish racing life finished at 2 1/2 when he broke a leg, but thankfully the vet involved convinced his owner not to have him put down, he then found his way to Nicki and Gary and had 9 very happy years with them. He is missed dreadfully by Nicki, Gary, Tes (his greyhound companion) and three Siamese cats; and everyone else who’s life he touched.
duffy Duffy (Lisduff Tears)
Let down for so many years by the human race and a rotten industry, finally finding comfort and love in her last 6 months. This just was not long enough for us try and make some amends for her past. A devastated owner is left behind.Duffy will never be forgotten by any of us she touched.
jester Jester (White Nose Star)
Although not originally an Erin Hound, Jester was a brilliant “older brother” to many foster Erin hounds that shared his home. He taught his humans so much about hounds and was a wonderful ambassador for his breed.He will be missed by all those that knew him, but most by Alex and Simon.
elan Elan (Ballymarket El)You were with us for just a short time but we will never forget you. RIP  gentle boy.  Jane and Patrick.
dj DJ (Derreen Des)
RIP DJ, the kindest and gentlest of boys.DJ had many friends at Erin Hounds and his owners would like to thank all those who have sent kind words and thoughts on his passing. Special thanks to Patrick and Jane for their care.
tiaim  Tia (Teacake)
Desperately missed by Liz and Sean.
monty  Monty (Coolbane Grand)
Way back in 2001 Monty was in foster care with Victoria who went on to found Erin Hounds. “The Brigadier”, as he was affectionately known, had not a bad bone in his body and inspired his adopter to become an active volunteer and fosterer for Erin Hounds.
Tom  Lurcher Tom holds a very special place in our hearts, he has been missing for several years and despite our best efforts. The dog’s homed since Tom’s time owe him so much as Tom was very much instrumental in the creation of Erin Hounds, long hours spent searching strengthened the connection between the core Erin team.