Hounds we have homed in 2021. 

If you’ve homed an Erin Hound we would love to see how they are getting on. Please email us email@erinhounds.co.uk


Unlikely Hannah ORLA homed Orla is now living with Ace and here awaits her turn on the sofa with a spot of sunbathing. Their adoptive mum is on the internet ordering a new sofa, having carefully read the small print about owning greyhounds.
Ballyhoe Vouga. Pirate ACE homed Ace has discovered that roaching rather than running is the best way for a greyhound to spend its life. We are very happy to have helped to turn his world upside down.
Parker (was Buster) is taking his new role as “Roast dinner assistance dog” very seriously. This lovely sighthound pledged to keep his eyes on the cooking in return for a loving home. He has no ulterior motive at all.
Ohana homed Ohana (now Tilly) is enjoying life in her new home, dreaming of ways to continue the sterling garden landscaping work commenced by Finn (was Joey), the former Erin Hound incumbent who enjoyed a good dig.
Horizon homed Horizon (now Sid) on the right, forms a lovely companion set with Rhino ( also homed by Erin Hounds). It must be true love for Rhino to put himself at risk of acquiring a gaseous centre parting!
Jack looks like he has found his ” sole” mates and is giving his new owners the hop around with his kleptomaniac tendencies. He has greyhound friends nearby to share walks on the beach and the future is bright for this gentle giant.
HP, now Louie (left), has joined fellow Erin Hounds Zara and Eva (right)  and is settling into his new home with two “big sisters” to show him the ropes
Lucas (now Harvey) is a much cherished greyhound who gets tucked in each night after lots of lovely walks. Thanks to everyone’s hard work to get him to this point.
Percy (was Perkins), has joined local celebrity, Treacle Ted, the terrier who is the mascot of Macclesfield’s wonderful Treacle Market. They both hope to help with the next Treacle fun dog and spread the love.
Thidwick (now Loki) has found the ideal spot in his new home to wait out the pandemic and, after adoption, settled down saying ” Wake me up when its all over”.
Snowdon, now Erik the Red, is living up to his name in his new home, having thoroughly explored the house and climbed onto the sofa! I’m sure there are lots more adventures ahead for this lovely boy.
Reef Homed Reef (foreground) is loved up in his new home with Amy, the greyhound…but observe which one, in this ying and yang pose, has the bed!
After spending Valentine’s Day during lockdown,  former Erin Hound, Steve, on the right (was Steed) indulged in some internet dating and found his new love, Poppy (was Guana). We hope they will be very happy together and we have made note that there is still some space on the sofa!
Ascot (now Stanley) enjoys his new home’s dog bed. Despite the logo, he shows that far from being scruffy, rescue dogs are as beautiful as those people who show they really love dogs by adopting not buying.
Tonga, now Maggie filled a hound-shaped space in her new home and joined a new little friend for fun and games.
Some cheering news to brighten up a wet weekend… Handsome big greyhound lad, Guam (now Max) has been adopted and is enjoying lots of playtimes and fun with his new family.