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Adel (born April 2015) is a female greyhound who, having raced about 100 times, really deserves a forever home.

She is clean and quiet in the house. She can be left for reasonable periods of time but is very waggy and excited when you return. Her cheeky side is just starting to emerge and she enjoys playing with toys.




She walks well on the lead though needs a sighthound- savvy owner as she is an ex- racer. She is a little tentative when looked at or surrounded, so needs a patient home with no young children, in which to gain confidence. She so wants cuddles and affection but needs to feel relaxed enough to come forward and enjoy them, without any pressure.

She is neutered and microchipped. She cannot live with small dogs, cats or small furries.

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If you have the right home circumstances and attitude for Adel to blossom, please contact us.

Update on Adel:

Racing greyhounds are brought up in an institution where they have never needed to make any decisions and have no surprises day in and day out. Adel therefore likes her routine and sleeps well. In foster care, this little lady is making up for her stolen life and now relishes getting her lead on to go for a walk, doing zoomies in the garden, welcoming you home and tossing her toys about. She is happy to come to you for love, especially if she sees that you have a cup of coffee (!) and will then relax into being stroked but still can be tentative over some things like passing through doorways. She likes the familiarity of her own bed and has not shown any interest in getting on the sofa or going upstairs but unlike most greyhounds she can sit! This girl’s quirks reflect her experience so far as a commodity encouraged only to chase, not thrive, so if you are the sort of person, willing to see things from her perspective and give her time to progress, please contact us.