Erin Hounds is based in Cheshire and so homes dogs predominantly in this region. We do not home dogs in  Scotland or overseas, for logistical reasons. If you live further afield, please contact your local rescue as sadly there are sighthounds, desperate for loving homes, worldwide.

We recognise that, just as every dog is an individual so the home circumstances of every potential adopter differ. As a small organisation, we pride ourselves on getting to know our dogs (in foster homes where possible) and after an individualised home visit, given a little time and patience, are able to suggest the most suitable dogs in our care, taking into account factors such as your other pets, working hours and children in order to maximise the chance of a safe and happy outcome for all.

In line with our views on responsible dog ownership, we require that existing dogs are neutered and encourage them to meet the potential new dog prior to adoption.  All our dogs are or will be neutered and microchipped at our expense. Donations allow us to continue our charitable work. We offer advice and follow- up to adopters and encourage them to become active supporters.

For those unfamiliar with sighthounds:

Greyhounds are graceful pedigree hounds who, having been bred for speed rather than stamina, are usually content with two 20 minutes walks per day or a short run in a safe, enclosed area. Although reared in low stimulus kennel environments, with a little understanding, they easily adapt to life of home comforts, earning themselves the nickname “ 40mph couch potatoes” and  come to realise that other dogs come in all shapes and sizes.

Long dogs (a cross between two sighthound breeds) and lurchers (a sighthound bred with  a working dog such as a terrier or collie) vary greatly in size and character and can be long or short haired. Generally they have more stamina than greyhounds, thrive on company and enjoy training or agility.

If a rescued sighthound might be for you and you would like to enquire about adoption, please complete the online “ information form” with your contact details. One of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a home visit  should you wish to proceed. We are aware of more dogs than those featured so even if you do not see your ideal dog on the website,  your perfect match may be waiting in the wings.

Alot of our dogs don’t make it to the web page so please contact us to have your home check completed asap.