Changing your Erin Hound’s microchip into your details:

Legally, a dog must be microchipped to its owner (keeper). To ensure you are complying with the law follow the specific guidance below, according to when your dog was adopted from Erin hounds. Remember that you are wholly responsible for updating your details with the chip company if later you move.

Currently your hound will be microchipped to Erin Hounds, so please be assured that in the case of your dog going missing that the chip companies and all the relevant organisations such as the Police, dog wardens, council dog pounds and veterinary practices will have access to our contact details.

For Erin Hounds’ dogs adopted from 01/01/15 onwards  – follow these 3 steps and we will make changes on your behalf and inform you when you should receive your new certificate .

Step 1 : Assemble the following information:

  • dog’s name whilst with Erin Hounds
  • your dog’s name now
  • dog’s microchip number (will be written on your adoption agreement)
  • the owner’s title (Mrs, Mr, Ms, etc)
  • the owner’s first name
  • the owner’s surname
  • full address including postcode
  • landline number
  • mobile number
  • mobile number

With the telephone numbers please list them in order of priority according to accessibility.

Step 2: Click on the square below which will take you to PayPal. The charge is £6 per dog which is paid to the microchip company, via Erin Hounds. (NB You don’t need a Paypal account to use Paypal – you just need a credit or debit card)

Step 3: Send all the information gathered in Step 1 on a separate email to erinhounds@gmail.com. Note: we shall keep the e-mail contact details as erinhounds@gmail.com (or microchipxx@ . . .) since the only e-mails sent by microchip companies are promotional ones. Anything affecting your dog’s chip is dealt with by telephone or post only by the companies.Any queries at all please don’t hesitate to contact us at erinhounds@gmail.com. If you don’t have access to online payment facilities, contact us and we’ll organise another payment option for you.For Erin Hounds’ dogs adopted before 01/01/2015

To ensure the contact details recorded against your dog’s microchip are accurate, it is safer for you to change the details (if you haven’t updated them already).

All you need is your dog’s microchip number which can be obtained from:

  • his/ her adoption agreement paperwork
  • any microchip paperwork you may have received at the time of adoption
  • by having your dog scanned at your Vets
  • by contacting us

To find out what database your dog is chipped with go to check-a-chip. Once you’ve entered the microchip number there will be a direct link to the relevant company and you can follow their individual guidelines. There will be an administration fee charged by the microchip companies ranging from £6 to £16 (prices accurate April 2016). The majority of our dogs are registered with the Anibase (now Identibase) or Petlog Microchip databases.

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.