Maserati – Male Lurcher

Meet Maserati

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Maserati (born Feb 2020) is a male saluki lurcher whose life so far has consisted of having his tail cut off, his ears mutilated and being discovered emaciated and abandoned, sheltering from the rain on a garage forecourt. Now, having recuperated, one cannot help but smile in his presence. His sheer nosiness, cheekiness and loving nature makes him very endearing. Having been given a second chance of life, he does not want to miss out on anything that life has to offer so would like a home willing to involve him in all they do or he will have something to say about being left out, in the sing song way that salukis express these things!


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He is a clever, inquisitive and adaptable lad who loves everyone and is good with other dogs. If he lived with a doggy friend, it would be a robust dog who can cope with his good-natured rough and tumble as he is still puppyish. He would enjoy a home with a garden where he can let off steam and where someone is always about. He will make someone a great companion for adventures and enjoys trips out in the car , even to a workplace.

If you are committed to sharing your life with this forgiving lad and accepting his physical imperfections and need for company, please contact us.