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Jagger (born September 2014) is a male greyhound who apart from being skinny and rubbing shoulders with Bowie (another Erin greyhound) is about as far removed from his namesake in character as you could get! He can be overwhelmed by noise and crowds and so would suit a home with a calm, confident dog to lead the way so he can relax and just follow their example. He is clean, quiet and loves a run so would like a garden.

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Update from Jagger’s fosterer: Jagger is shy but once he feels confident is playful with teddies and fetches a ball. He is amazingly obedient and initiated cuddles. He is friendly and respectful to all other dogs and copies his lurcher foster sister when he feels unsure.

He is very fluffy for a greyhound with soft fur that people love to stroke. He enjoys his food and loves people. He is wary to start off in public but quickly settles down and has travelled on buses and been to dog friendly cafes where lots of people stopped to admire him. He loves to run and has an inquisitive character. He is the sweetest of boys and is very loving and affectionate once he gets used to you. 

Jagger is quiet at night and clean and relaxed in the house and after a walk can be left by himself for a few hours. What are you waiting for?!

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He is neutered and microchipped. He cannot live with small furries.

If you have a suitable home to offer him, you will be rewarded with a very loving, sweet boy so please contact us.

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