Bugatti – Reserved

Bugatti – RESERVED

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Bugatti is a young male saluki lurcher who needs a quiet, rural home with an enclosed space to let off steam and feel the wind in his fur. He is a free spirit who plays confidently with other dogs, even getting over giddy sometimes. He is shy and spooked when he feels crowded or under the spotlight but connects well with people who just let him be.

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He has walked well on the lead when taken out with the other rescue dogs and is clean in his kennel. He is neutered and microchipped.

We are looking for a child- free home with an understanding of the saluki temperament where there are one or more playful and self -confident dogs.

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If you believe you can offer Bugatti the time and space to be himself, you will be rewarded with an amazing lad so please contact us about adoption.

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