Hal – Male Lurcher

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Hal is a saluki lurcher (born 2017) who is a sweet, accepting boy. He would like to live in a home with a nurturing and patient dog who would take him under his wing as he has a sensitive side. He has had a front leg amputation but gets about fine though a home with lots of mental rather than physical stimulation would be the desired match.

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Having been through everything he has been through, we want only the very best for this lad and would like to find an experienced home who will understand and accept his initial saluki aloofness and are around most of the time or can take him to an appropriate dog friendly work place. He is neutered and microchipped.

Hal enjoys the human and hound company as he is a bit insecure so we are looking for a home who will understand his needs.

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Please contact us if you can offer Hal what he needs.

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