Milky – Male Greyhound

Marvellous Milky!

Milky lookMilky full body

Milky runMilky sit


















Milky (born July 2013) is a confident, self- contained male greyhound who could be left for reasonable periods of time but loves life and all it has to offer.

Milky leadMilky frontispiece

Milky smileMilky kiss












He is a big lad and since hearing a squeak is, to him, the most exciting thing, he needs someone au fait with this quite typical greyhound penchant!  He is neutered and microchipped. He cannot live with cats. 

Milky front bodymilky and friend

Milky ballMilky look



















If you would like to shake up this lad’s life by giving him a forever home, please contact us.