Shorty – Reserved


Shorty frontispieceShorty side head







Shorty (born April 2015) has ears very reminiscent of Hilda Ogden but shares nothing else with her as he is tall, dark and handsome. He is currently in foster care where he is good with the other dogs.

Shorty side headShorty front body







He is affectionate and loves his toys. He walks well on the lead and likes to be involved in whatever is going on so would like a home where someone is around to entertain him. He is quiet at night and could live with respectful children.

Shorty 1Shorty 2







He is neutered and microchipped. If you would like this fun lad in your life, please contact us.

Update from his fosterer:

Shorty would be ok with someone who worked part time as he’s been good as gold when left. He is very nosy and likes sticking his nose in every cupboard and loves to stand and watch other dogs go by when on his walks. He loves playing with balls but is not very aware of his size so older children would be preferable.