Abby – Female Greyhound

Adorable Abby






Abby (born May 2008) is a happy, easy going, happy, confident and (did we mention?) happy girl. She is healthy and active, happily walking over 4 miles at our recent Tittesworth walk. Saying that, she’s a typical greyhound and if you fancy a lazy day: she’s up for that too.

Abby walks well on lead and enjoys every trip out, loves (and we means loves) travelling in the car and is a pleasure to take out and about with you.






She would be content with being an only dog and can be left for reasonable periods of time on her own. She does share her foster home with another hound and is being a polite and welcome house guest. Abby has just discovered stealing resident Sam’s toys is great fun and is determined to find her ‘inner minx’. We have to mention too that Abby does snore a bit.

She is neutered and microchipped. She cannot live with cats.

Sharing a jokeAbby and Andy






Abby is just discovering there’s a big, wide world out there and is determined to enjoy every moment of it. Could you be her next loving guide and companion? If so, please do contact us.