Paddy – Male Lurcher


Swayze eyes
Paddy (born October 2018) is a male, rough coated lurcher who is sadly looking for a home due to his adopter’s ill health.

He is loving and eager to please and provides a warm, waggy welcome. He sleeps downstairs on his bed and is clean and quiet. He enjoys playing ball, toys and food. He can be left for reasonable periods of time but does not like to go out in the garden on his own in the dark especially if it’s raining. Paddy loves the car and travels very well but can be scared of large noisy vehicles or sudden movements / loud noises so will not be homed with children.

Swayze lookSwayze frontispiece









He absolutely loves to run and play so would enjoy agility or running on lead in areas free of traffic. Paddy has a strong prey drive so must be kept on lead in public places and near farm animals, as should all dogs. He requires a very secure, obstacle- free garden without visiting cats or squirrels so that he can let off steam safely.

He is 23” to the shoulder, neutered and microchipped. This handsome, bright lad is great fun and very trusting but also sensitive and relatively strong so needs a patient, loving owner who can read him well.

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If you fulfil all the above criteria, please contact us.