Horizon – Male Greyhound

Horizon (update included)

Horizon frontipieceHorizon body











Horizon (born March 2017) is a big male greyhound with a kind heart and a gorgeous soft coat.

Horizon and friend



He is not a brave soul and prefers to follow rather than think for himself so would like a home with a confident female or male medium/ large dog to take the lead. He does not like shouting and sudden movements so we are looking for a home with no young children.

Horizon walk



In his foster home, he is currently learning about the TV and what toys are for but certainly recognises cats when on walks so cannot live with them and needs an owner who is sighthound-savvy.

He is neutered and microchipped.Horizon look




If you are the lucky person who has what Horizon needs, please contact us.

Update from Horizon’s fosterer:

He has gained a bit more confidence and is starting to have some fun. He now has a few favourite toys and doggy friends, whom he meets on walks. He is clean in the house and polite around food.