Dice – Female Greyhound


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Dice (born September 2017) is a female greyhound to whom life has not dealt good cards. She is, as a result, somewhat head- shy and timid so would like a home without children and with other dogs to give her confidence.

She is clean and quiet and walks well on the lead. She will have a little play if she thinks you are not looking and is a stunning looking lass.

She cannot live with cats. She is neutered and microchipped.

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If you would like to offer this lady a happy forever haven to call home, please contact us

Update from Dice ‘s fosterer:

Dice is living with several greyhounds and lurchers and enjoys playing with one or two of them in the garden. Her playfulness can manifest inside with the odd nibble on a furniture leg but she listens when informed that nibbling furniture is not allowed. She can be anxious on walks as everything is so new in the big wide world and relieved to get back to base but her fosterer is working on this. She is not the brightest student eg she has not quite got the hang of dental chews or house training yet but we are confident the penny will drop.