Jack – Male Greyhound


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Jack ( born May 2018) is a large male greyhound whose size belies his nature. He is rather tentatively learning about the outside world and we will update you on this big baby’s progress as he relaxes into foster care, knowing that he can take his time to blossom.

He is neutered and microchipped. He cannot live with cats. 

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If you would like to offer Jack his forever home, please contact us.

Update from his fosterer:

Jack is easy to care for as he is clean and quiet. He shows an interest in fast moving smallies like squirrels and small dogs off lead, as he has no doubt been encouraged to do from his birth, so needs a competent owner who understands sighthounds’ thought processes. He is living with two other sighthounds very calmly and considerately. He would like a home where no demands are made upon him and he can blend in with the other resident hounds while he fathoms out life as a pet.