Tetley – Reserved


Tetley frontispiece



Tetley (aged about 8 months) was found on the streets with a badly broken back leg at 4/5 months old.

Tetley cup



It has been a long journey for this young lad as he went through surgery and then months of rest and rehabilitation.

Day after day, he had to sit and watch his kennel mates go out on their walks while he remained in his kennel and it was heartbreaking to see his little face or hear his cries. Tetley has now fully recovered and is a loveable, cheeky rogue who loves nothing more than playing, running, jumping, ripping up toys and generally making a complete nuisance of himself but he is also unsure, a little hesitant and scared at times.

Tetley run



He has barely seen anything of the world, having sat for many months in a kennel during recovery and before that we can only imagine his life was one of a shed or back yard, with little interaction.

Tetley nose



Tetley is looking for a home with another kind, patient and playful dog but one who is wiser and a bit steadier in their ways, so they can help Tetley understand all the new things he will encounter and who will say when “enough is enough” as Tetley is excitable and has yet to understand manners. He will need humans at home for most of the day and is too full on for very small children.

Tetley ears



He loves his cuddles and does sit peacefully and relaxed for an ear rub until something catches his eye and he is off again. Tetley is scared of cars and that could be because one caused of his broken leg, so we are looking for a rural home or one who will have lots of understanding of his fear.

Patience will be needed in abundance as Tetley will enjoy racing through his new home picking up anything that isn’t nailed to the floor. Couches will be used as trampoline, food left unattended will vanish and dear Tetley will most likely make you wonder what on earth you have got yourself into but you will also have the most endearing, loving and comical boy as he grows and matures.

Tetley water

He is microchipped and will be neutered at the appropriate age as a non- negotiable condition of adoption.

He will need plenty of stimulation but with a routine and clear boundaries. Only homes with a fully secure garden, a dog willing to act as teacher,  time and a sense of humour need apply so please contact us if that is you.