Samhain – Reserved

Samhain – RESERVED

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Samhain, pronounced Saran (born Sept 2015) arrived totally shut down, always dodging past us in fear and scuttling into his kennel. It took over a month for him to slowly start trusting us and what a transformation now. He is a loveable, sweet boy though still very tentative when approached while at the same time, desperately wanting to be friends.

He loves a run in the garden and is the brother of Sooty, another greyhound homed by Erin Hounds.

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He is quiet, clean and loves playing with his toys, in his foster home.

He is neutered and microchipped. He cannot live with cats or children.

Who knows what terrified this greyhound boy but his journey would be completed by a calm and patient home, maybe with a confident dog in residence which who would let him unpack his bags at his own pace. Such a home would eventually be rewarded with an amazing boy and would free us up to help another of the many terrified greyhounds still out there.

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Please contact us if you have what he needs.

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