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Fig (born February 2016) is a stunning female saluki lurcher and mother of Mushroom, also recently homed by Erin Hounds. She would like a home with other dogs and a secure garden. With careful introductions, we believe Fig could live with cats.

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We are looking for a home with a knowledge of the saluki temperament and lots of patience as Fig can panic at new things and sudden movements. She is currently in foster care. She is neutered and microchipped.

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If you have what it takes to keep this girl safe and build her confidence, please contact us.  

Update from Fig’s fosterers:

Fig  is so good, she is housetrained,  crate trained, gets on with all the other dogs and loves to play, she loves her toys. Food, will take it or leave it. She’s great on walks, fine with traffic.    Has started to overcome her shyness and comes to us for affection now and loves being tickled behind her ears. She’s a Mischievous little monkey, play is the key word for fig!  

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