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Sykes (born March 2014) is a striking looking lurcher. His fosterer says lots of people stop her on walks to remark upon how handsome he is.

He is good in the house and fully house trained. He can be a little nervous when he first meets people but when he gets to know them becomes their best friend. He is very affectionate and wants to be with his humans so will sleep at their feet and give them gentle licks and kisses, often when they are not expecting it!

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He does not like being left on his own but if he has the company of another doggy friend, he is much happier to be left for short periods, though he might still have a nosy to see what is in the kitchen!

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He walks well on the lead without pulling until he sees other dogs, especially those having a free run. His fosterer gives him a treat if he doesn’t pull when a dog goes past but sometimes he gets very excited and twists round to watch where the dog goes so needs a confident owner. He likes men and someone fit may be a good match as he would enjoy running on lead in a quiet area with no distractions as he gets nervous in crowds of people.

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He loves playing in the garden and his favourite game is chase. He is an endearing lad who is willing to learn and, with a little help from an understanding owner and a canine teacher, will make a faithful companion.

He is neutered and microchipped.

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If you have what Sykes needs to blossom, please contact us.